If you want to become a housekeeper in Bitlife, you are probably trying to go through Cinderella in Bitlife. In short, players are faced with the task of becoming an economy in order to complete the task. So, if you want to become a housekeeper to complete the task or just for entertainment, start with the following steps:

How to get a job a housekeeper in Bitlife

To become a housekeeper in Bitlife, start by creating a character. After creating the character to grow up until you reach the age 18 and finish secondary school . After that, you can become a housekeeper by completing the vacancies tab in Bitlife. You can find the Work tab in Option Work on the main page of Bitlife. On the Work tab, you need to view lists until you find a vacancy of a housekeeper. Nevertheless, there are a lot of vacancies in Bitlife, so you can not immediately find the job of the housekeeper.

Because of this, you will need to update the lists of vacancies, restart Bitlife application or aging up to one or two years. In the end, having completed any of these methods, you must find the work of the housekeeper. When you find the work of the housekeeper, you can become a housekeeper in Bitlife by submitting an application for this work. As soon as you get a housekeeper’s work, you will complete the task for her in the test of Bitlife Sinderella Challenge.

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