Rise of the Tomb Raider is an action-adventure video clip game created by Crystal Characteristics and modified by Microsoft for Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions and by Square Enix Europe for others, released in November 2015 on Xbox 360 as well as Xbox One, In January 2016 on Windows, in October 2016 on PlayStation 4 in the 20th wedding anniversary edition as well as April 2018 under Linux as well as macOS in 20th wedding anniversary edition. The video game is likewise offered since November 19th on Google Stadia. The video game is the rest of Tomb Raider launched in 2013. It is as a result the second episode of the Reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise business.

Mages Of Mystralia: IS FREE TODAY! Only On The Epic Games Store (December 27th 2021)
Free Games! After several days with renowned games like Pathfinder, Prey or Control, now a more unknown game arrives: Mages of Australia. Free download Mages of Australia Mages of Australia is a game of action and adventures with an overhead perspective in which magical and colorful attacks will govern the screen. In a magical world, your mind is your best weapon, you know the roads of magic and design your own spells to fight against enemies, travel treacherous land and correct the errors of the Kingdom of Australia. If everything follows according to the leaks, that at the moment they are fulfilling, the games that would come to arrive, the last three days are: Moving Out, Salt and Sanctuary and Tomb Raider Trilogy.