Forspoken may have been delayed from the initial release date of May 2022 and pushed back to October, but that does not prevent Game informing to share 10 full minutes of gameplay action never seen before. The exclusive PlayStation 5 console of Square Enix is fighting and crossing the show stars in this extended clip, which you can see above. It is now planned to go out on October 11, 2022.

Although the game has not always had the best performances in previous presentations, it is a much stronger example of what Forspoken can do. The movement and the parkour seem really fluid, just like the spells you will start on the enemies. The environment of the first half of the video is called Sideways City, which has been affected by the break. The second part then presents a much brighter area while the protagonist Frey explores the open world.

Forspoken | Exclusive New Gameplay Today (4K)
A good performance, so, but still seven months to wait before you can play Forspoken for ourselves. Is this this on your wish list? Decide in the comments below.