Electronic Equipment Information Platform Electronics Hub has published statistical data conversion of “ high-tech device complaints ” in various parts of the world.

This data is published in January, and complaints from game machines to headphones can be confirmed as percentage of devices and countries. The site is complaining in complaints, using the Twitter API and collecting keywords for each product and analyzed in the complaint Detector “Complaint Detector”.

According to the data, the complaints are “Xbox SERIES X (12.5%)” “Xbox One (12.1%)” “Xbox SERIES S (9.8%)” and Xbox series are lined up. And conversely, it was “PlayStation 4 (0.5%)” that the most complaint was low. By country, complaints are gathered in smartphones or peripherals in most areas including Japan.

On the other hand, “Xbox Series X” is the rise in Russia and Saudi Arabia. However, in Northern countries, “Nintendose switch” is the top while dissatisfaction with “Xbox” related to “Xbox”. Similarly, complaints in “Nintendosewich” are South American countries such as Colombia and Chile, and in Switzerland, “PLAYSTATION 5”, which is pointed out, the proportion is high and 20%.

Note that this data may not reflect “ Pure Complaining ” for the source for the source of “Twitter post”. For example, this complaint detection method is “whether” device name “and” negative word “have appeared in the same tweet.” In other words, there is also a concern that “(device name) could not buy”, and there are concerns that have been counted as complaints.