Play in Diego! Features a digital board game with charm with board game elements, card game elements, and table talk RPG (TRPG) elements. This time, we will deliver the rogue light survival card game Card Survival: TROPICAL ISLAND that survives on the southern island by trial and error.

This work was distributed by Innerspring Games on STEAM on September 17, 2022. Innerspring Games is a developer that has gained popularity by releasing the rogue light Card RPG CARD QUEST in 2017. This work is also a game system using a card.

As for the content of this work, the search, collection, cooking, craft, battle, etc. performed in survival games are made well into card games. The evaluation on Steam has been high since early access, and updates are frequently performed. Let’s play what kind of game it has been!

Survival on the southern island!

First, from the character makeup. There are three characters prepared from the beginning, but when playing for the first time, you can only choose Hunter . You can also make a custom character, but this is also a state where there are many items that are locked when playing for the first time. Let’s play with a hunter for the time being.

Each character has various parks. In the case of hunters, survival, such as Dark Skin that is resistant to sunlight, insect repellent where insects do not come close, strong immunity , which is resistant to illness. There is a suitable park, and it can be said to be a character for beginners. As a relief measure, there is also a Safe Mode that can be started from the morning of the day even if you die.

Game Start. Click Journal to see what to do. There are items such as Exploration of Enter, Sharpen Stones, Capping Fires , so let’s do it from where you can.

Main screen. The leftmost part of the card lined up at the top of the screen is the current location (entry). The right side is what you can do at your current location. For example, if you select sea , dive and wash your body , and if you select sand , collect sand and make sand castles ** Can. Time progresses by acting (the required time varies from action). There is nothing like a tutorial, so you have to try it with a trial & error. First, let’s explore the entry.

Click Enter and select Search . I consumed 15 minutes and found palm tree and heavy stone . The search rate also increased to 4 %. The blanks lined up at the bottom of the screen are the item column on hand. You can leave the items in the center of the screen, but when you move to a different area (for example, jungle), you can carry only the items in the item column. There is also a weight limit.

Click Blueprint to the craft screen such as tools. In addition, by performing research , new tools can be craft. Currently, research on pit hole is possible. However, I often do it before I secure food, so let’s put it off.

In order to secure food, take palm real from the palm tree that I discovered earlier. It has a wood climbing skill, so it seems that it can be collected without injury. When I did it, the result was success. I consumed 30 minutes and got four palm fruits.

Let’s make tools!

This work has a familiar parameter in survival games, such as thirst, hunger, hygiene, body temperature, weight (list at the bottom left of the screen). As I climbed the palm tree earlier, thirst and hunger have been reduced. Of course, if these are exhausted, they will die. Find a way to eat palm fruit.

If sharp stone is likely to be drilled in palm fruit. The craft requires two stone and heavy stone . The heavy stone was obtained earlier, so the only thing is st1. Let’s take a walk around the Fiji for a while. This groping feeling is fun because it feels like a survival.

I searched the entry several times and finally found a st1. Created by placing stone and heavy stone in Blueprint. In about an hour, the sharp stone was completed. Next, place the palm fruit in the center of the screen and layer sharp stone to palm fruit. At first, I peeled the skin, piled up again, drilled a hole, and divided into half again. You can now eat it.

Further, pick the half of the paced pork and take out the pulp inside. You can finally eat it. The procedure is fine and real. The palm that removed the pulp is the item palm shell . It seems that you can use it for other things. By the way, if you want to drink palm juice, you need to drink it in half.

What is needed for survival is fire . If there is a fire, you can cook. I can’t always eat coconut. To make campfire , stone x 4, wood, branch is required. Let’s go to search again.

Branch was found, but wood was hard to find. There is a way to cut down trees, but you need wood to make stone ax . After continuing to search for Hasura, I found Jungle Road . Enter the jungle and explore it, and easily get wood. The ingredients are available, so let’s return to the entry.

I seemed tired because I was just acting from a while ago. Click the digital clock at the top left of the screen to get break menu . You can choose Wait 15 minutes, 1-hour rest, Nap, Sleeping . I took a rest for about an hour and got tired. You can study wooden leaves , so let’s do it later.

To survive!

Although it is good to complete with the ingredients of the campfire, there is no tool to raise the essential fire. Moreover, the sun has already settled, and the area has become dark. I have no choice but to sleep because I can not do anything. There is no tent, so let’s pray that it will not rain.

Unfortunately, it rained while sleeping. It’s still the second day of survival, but it’s quite hard. Sleeping has greatly reduced thirst and hunger. My body gets wet and my body temperature decreases. You need a covered evacuation site.

Go to the jungle again to get wood. I ate palm of palm for my stomach, but if I keep eating the same thing, it will be tired state . You need to get the fire quickly and increase the variations of your meals. However, it is difficult to get wood…

Create an equipment Hand Drill for lighting. In addition to branch , cutting tool is required, so use sharp st1. Although it is good to be completed, it is necessary to have dry leaves to put on the fire. The road is far, but I have to do my best.

I found a dry leaf and managed to ignite the campfire. The first dish of crab and Kai picked up in the entry. Shape has a shell, so you have to break it with sharp st1. It was baked in about 20 minutes. However, even if you eat it, you don’t have much to add to your stomach, and you’ll rely on coconut after all.

The meal is over, and the night has come, so I decided to sleep. Since the tent has not been made yet, I will lie down in the entry. However, at 1 o’clock in the middle of the night, she woke up with nausea. My physical condition became ill, and I also caused dehydration due to diarrhea. The problem is to overeat coconut. I can’t move because it’s night, so I have to wait for the morning on the spot.

Explore the coast at dawn. However, he could not find anything, and finally died of dehydration. Because it is a safe mode, you can start over from the morning of the death day, but it is already clogged, so it is better to play from the beginning. Next time, the challenge is how to secure water and food without relying on coconuts. If you can survive for a long time next time, be sure to play with your own hands.

rogue light Survival with fun trial and error

This work has no tutorial, and the protagonist thrown out to the southern island is a rogue-light survival sign that survives somehow. You have to think about what you need, like a real survival. If possible, it would be more fun to play while trial and error without looking at the strategy. It is good to have survival knowledge by playing many times.

The final purpose of this work is to make a raft and escape from the island, or to settle on the island **. I think it will be quite difficult to make one rope, but if you continue playing, you will be optimized.

Also, every day you survive, you will receive one currency sun and Moon in 30 days. You can use this to release the custom character park, so you can use it to make the game advantageous (conversely, add a penalty to make the game difficult).

Currently, only English support, but there are few textbooks, and if you know the words, you can play almost intuitively. If you want to enjoy survival games without action, please try this work.

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