Twitch h made the decision to ban gambling in streaming. The company refers to the protection of viewers the main reon for this change. How could it be otherwise, this h caused some controversy, which h even reached some of the most popular streamers. This is the ce of Rubies and Pokeys, who have expressed their point of view in this regard.

against the decision, but with nuances: Date also about football matches


Rubies h given his personal opinion and h stated that he does not believe that the solution is to eliminate bets: No, I say this in a personal opinion, not the absolute truth or anything. What I think is that each person is responsible for his acts, and that it is eier in a situation to blame external things about a problem that you have, rather than face those problems.

And he adds: And if people are complaining about gambling on Twitch, q Also go to football and TV , which is always putting cinos ads during childhood hours. According to Rubies, he would not do that kind of content.

In the conversation that the two streamers have maintained, the Pokeys h intervened to say that what bothers him is not that there is gambling, but that the important thing is that a person does gambling, because then it is true that They are deceiving the audience . The Galician influencer clarifies that the main problem is that they do not play their own money.

Through a statement, Twitch h expressed its decision to update its use policies to prohibit gambling sites during streaming, since they consider that it can be potentially harmful. At the moment, Roll bit, duel bits and Robert are vetoed s, although the company emphizes that this list could be expanded in the future. They will maintain, yes, sports bets, fanty sports and poker.