XD.INC (hereinafter referred to as XD) will conduct a test for domestic influencers (Focus Group) for its new action RPG ‘Torch Wright: Infinite’.

Torch Wright: Infinite is based on the ‘Torch Wright’ IP of Wanmi and Runic Games. 200 years after Torch Light 2, he joins one of the Torch Light Team members to leave an adventure to prevent disasters.

You can create a number of core talent unions in the talent system, which allows you to find a character and combat style that suits your taste. Among the themes and tags specified on 24 talent boards, tags present their growth direction. For example, multi-magic Arrow skill tags a projectile and magic, and if you find and learn about the projectile and magic on the talent board, the initial character construction is completed.

Subsequently, talent grows and develops with the characters. At the beginning, one of six basic talent boards will be selected to learn and earn basic talent points. When the second core talent is opened in the middle, the existing skills and attributes can be combined with some mechanisms with certain conditions. In the second half, if all six core talents are open, true choices and construction begin. In addition, it is possible to directly affect the skill effect, or to change the combat style through digging and modification.

In this test, we will invite an influencer for nuclear and slash. Subsequently, the global test will increase the completeness and release the news related to the game.


For more information, visit the Torch Wright: Infinite official website.