Pokemon Go has now been published a new feature: the postcard book. We from Mango have viewed us what this is for a function and show you the first reactions of the coaches.

What kind of feature is it? In Pokémon Go is currently the Christmas event be celebrated. Just in time for start, Ni antic had announced the postcard book as a new feature in her blog (via Pokemongolive.com). So you should have the opportunity to save you certain places as a nice memory. We show you how to go.

What is the postcard book?

The postcard book is how the name already says to save postcards. These should remember the visit of beautiful places. It is possible to collect both the postcards obtained by friends, and their own, which are on the gifts in the item bag.

Your new postcard book can be found in your Item bag. You can also open it under the item Postcard book in your Avatar view. By clicking on the book, an overview opens which cards you have already collected.

Adding new maps works on two different ways, depending on whether it’s your own card or about that of a friend.

Own Postcard: To deposit your own postcard in your book, you will open your Item bag. There you click on the gifts for this to open in a selection window. Afterwards you have the opportunity to select the appropriate package there. Click on and press the Backup button. Now the card is deposited in your postcard book.

Postcards from friends: Of course you can also deposit postcards that you get through the packages of friends. Click as usual in your friends list and let you show the desired gift.

Before you open it, you have the option of clicking on the citadel icon on the right screen edge. You also secured this card, and you will see her in the postcard book.

What does the community say to the postcard book?

The Reddit community is hot about the new feature discussed. One or the other trainer, like Brobrobraybray, is looking forward to the new feature and writes: I am so happy about this feature that was long overdue. I do not have to worry anymore that I accidentally send them. (via reddit.com).

In fact, in the past, it has happened to some coaches so that they wanted to hold back gifts because of the postcards to have them as a great memory. This also reports Jul tar that it has accidentally sent such a package, even though he wanted to keep it (via reddit.com).

This can not happen through the function in the postcard book, because the picture can be saved. On Reddit is also particularly positive that you can favor specific postcards and also provided your favorite picture of this stop with a Like (via reddit.com).

Criticism at the postcard book

However, the postcard book must plug to some criticism. The coach fatalistic field-47 listed directly a whole range of things that disturb him at this new feature. Among other things, he lists the following criticisms (via reddit.com):

Storage limit of 300 postcards
Gifts of a friend can be fucked several times, but you can only see once
You can not get your own gifts with stickers
Postcards Do not contain the texts Greetings from and Trainer Name, which will otherwise be displayed when opening the gift


Jumpjumpover also points out that trainers who do not tell their nickname for the postcard book, listed in the group Unknown Trainer (via reddit.com). In addition, he finds that the data seems to be not stored in the game, because when opening his postcard book, it came to delay a few seconds until the cards were displayed.

Dependent chemist would, however, wish that you can also scroll in other postcard books (via reddit.com). Whether Ni antic goes on to this desire and the one or the other function will change at the postcard book, remains to be seen for the time being.

How do you find the postcard book? Have you already tried the new feature? Would you change something or do you like it as it is? Write us your opinion here on Mango in the comments and exchanges you with other coaches.

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