At 1st FC Cologne, it is currently running right round. In the Bundesliga, the Rheinlanders manage with 40 points on the seventh place. Club icon Wolfgang Overath sees in coach Steffen Baumgart one of the main reasons for the Baumgarting success.

The 1st FC Cologne is located in the Bundesliga at still seven remaining games currently only four meters behind Six place, which is certainly entitled to qualify for international business. In the past season, however, the Cathedralstädter had to bend to the end around the league.

“The team has playfully developed enormously,” Wolfgang Overath looked at the “Image” interview on the situation of his heart’s association: “Salih Özcan, for example, or Anthony modests, that the leading gate can be a weapon, everyone knew. But under Baumgart He much more than that. “

1. FC Cologne under Steffen Baumgart “One Unit”

In general, the 78-year-old set the Baumgarty upswing at the new trainer. “It’s succeeded in making a unity from the boys and to take everyone with his kind,” said Overath: “In the past, we played for the club and gave for him our last shirt. Nowadays the coach in my opinion is the crucial figure, He has to make it all ready to follow him. That’s obvious. “

As an example of the expulsion joy, the world champion from 1974 pointed to a scene in the last Bundesliga game against Borussia Dortmund (1: 1). The young Jan Thielmann ran back into his own penalty area with pace from the midline.

Wolfgang Overath | Elegant Germany Commander | Best skills in 1966-1970-1974 World Cup

The trained offensive players with a clean grab prevented almost safe hits from BVB Goalover Erling Haaland. “Then you see what’s going on in the troupe,” Overath said.

These are “carrying pillars” of 1. FC Cologne

When asked if the 1st FC Cologne can dream of the appealing achievements of Europe, the native Siegburg replied: “Dreaming can of course.” It should be the goal of the team, “to achieve the best possible.” Whether a possible international qualification would come too early for the club, Overath did not want to judge.

With a view to the service providers Jonas Hector and Anthony modests as well as coach Steffen Baumgart, whose contracts at the 1st FC Cologne all ends in 2023, the club legend said: “If you are financially able to do it as soon as possible. That Are wearing pillars that are still very comfortable in the club and in the city. “

Hector is “an exception player with outstanding meaning for this team”. Modest and Baumgart would be “a strong signal,” now Overath. “But I do not know the framework conditions. And they have to vote.”