DRAGONISSER and other volunteers and other volunteers teams have a MOD Skyrim Together Reborn that multiplay The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition . We announced that it will be released.

Skyrim Together is the MOD that started producing the original version (LE) of the PC and the Special Edition version that was later released, and was originally an open world for single play. The feature is that you can play up to 8 people at the same time.

This MOD was held in 2019, but in the same year, one of the development teams reported that one of the development teams was discarded the entire code base. Since then, the development has been difficult for a long time, but after recreating the code from zero, it was renamed Skyrim Together Reborn, and the official version was released this time.

According to the report, the SE version of the version 1.6 is supported, and the LE version that was originally planned is not compatible. Although bugs such as the progress of quests are strange, it has been reported that these corrections are impossible because the development team is composed of students.

In addition, the development of Fallout Together, which multiplay Fallout 4 on the official website, has been revealed, but in March 2022, I stopped working once to concentrate on Skyrim Together Reborn. It seems that there is only one team (DRAGONISSER) currently working.


Skyrim Together Reborn will be released on July 9 Japan time for the PC version The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. On the same day, the official Wiki will guide you to download and introduction methods. Please take responsibility when introducing MOD.