The global baseball management game ‘MLB 9 Innings GM (General Manager)’ serviced by Com2uS (CEO Jae-won Song and Lee Johan) will hold a commemorative event for the 2022 MLB postseason.

‘MLB 9 Innings GM’ is a baseball management game where users become manager and general manager of the world’s best baseball stage MLB team, managing and operating everything in the club from recruitment to training and progress. The official license agreement with the Major League Players Association (MLB) features the latest player information and images of 30 clubs, as well as the club logo and uniform.

This event offers a variety of benefits with easy and simple participation so that you can enjoy the autumn baseball of the major leagues with the attention of global baseball fans.

First, any user who enjoys ‘MLB 9 Innings GM’ will be able to recruit the highest level players in the game. When you access the game until November 6th, you can earn three ‘Ultimate Tokens’ as a reward, including ‘Ultimate Player’. ‘Ultimate’ is considered as the finest item in the game because it has a high ability to match the title and a special effect that only the players can have. In addition, ‘Ultimate Token’ is an item that can be used to promote the existing player card to Ultimate grade, which can help you have more powerful team power.

It also has a reward for attendance that offers various items for strong players. If the number of days of attendance is recorded through the ‘Special attendance compensation event’, which will be held until November 6th, various training items such as ‘Wish Skill’ and ‘Special Enhancement Room’ will be paid. Users who have filled all the cumulative attendance days will be given an item that can acquire the ‘Ultimate player’ of the desired league.


In addition, it offers a variety of fun, including the ‘Exciting Zone’, which allows you to acquire various items necessary for gameplay, and ‘Hot Time Buff’, which will be rewarded according to the play results.

More information can be found through the official ‘MLB9 Innings GM’ official café.