On June 11, Netflix announced the jump action game Poinpy by Downwell developers and started distribution. It is distributed through the Netflix app for iOS/Android. If you are a Netflix subscriber, you can play for free.

Point Point is a jump action game. When the player operates the screen of the smartphone, a cute mysterious creature jumps. Utilizing scaffolds and reflections, the vertical screen will be raised. On the way, monsters appear, collect fruit and heal the thirst of monsters. It is a simple content that repeats rising and collecting fruits.

The basics of operation are the form of dragging the screen. In addition, it is possible to descend by tapping during the jumping. Use these actions to collect fruits while stepping on enemies and objects. Then, at the same time as landing, the juice is completed. There are several types of fruits on the stage, and monsters specify the type. If you cannot clear the request within the time limit, you will be burned by the monster.

At first it was simple, but the difficulty gradually increased. There are changes such as the number and types of fruits required, and the stage becomes stricter. On the other hand, you can get items that can be equipped by repeated capture. Combining functions such as the flight time increases and the fruit is sucked when you step on the enemy, you can customize the play experience in an advantageous way. In addition, the game speed can be adjusted by the option, and if the speed is slowed, the difficulty level becomes gentle. It is an attentive to enjoy players with a wide range of skills.


This work is handled by Mr. Mojiro, Moppen, a developer who developed the highly evaluated fall action Downwell. The high level of difficulty in Downwell and the sense of play, which is important to step on enemies and objects, is also common in Point Points. On the other hand, Point Point is a cute and pop world view with a consistent design. The creator Error403, who worked on illustrations and animation production, was in charge of artwork. The cute and strange world view he draws seems to be reflected in this work.

While Netflix is developing mainly video content, he has recently been active in the development of the game business. One week special program Netflix Geeked Week, which introduces Netflix distribution content, also held a game day featuring game-related topics. This work Point Point was also introduced in that. In addition, some titles distributed for PCs and consoles, such as Raji: An Ancient Epic and Spiritfarer, will be distributed on Netflix. We will continue to actively promote the development in the game field.

Point Point is currently being distributed for iOS/Android through the Netflix app. If you have subscribed to Netflix, you can download and play immediately.