Since your presentation in summer of 2020 For spoken has become one of the new generation video games most expected by fans of action adventures, so discovering at last release date will be happy to more than one. Square Enix has taken advantage of the Gala of The Game Awards 2021 to publicize the news next to a new Gameplay trailer loaded with action and a new character: the wicked sorceress so much prey.

Forspoken - Official Gameplay Trailer | PlayStation Showcase 2021

This new trailer has let us know some more details of the history, showing us several of the main characters who will accompany the protagonist of this action adventure and open world, the actress Frey Holland. She equipped with various special skills, she will have to fight all kinds of creatures in the world of Fantasy of Atria, including fearsome dragons.

She will also have several unique powers to travel this beautiful world in a more spectacular way. Your date of it? For spoken is placed on sale on PC (via Epic Games Store) and PS5 May 24. It has been a madness to interpret so much prey, and I am excited that the players can meet and relate to it as Frey does, said Pollyanna McIntosh actress. I think she will prove to be an implacable adversary for players, she adds.

For spoken will have a Deluxe Digital Edition that can be reserved on the Square Enix website and includes a mini digital art book, a small sample of the soundtrack or the prequel For spoken: in so much we trust to know the History of this new character. Square Enix has also confirmed that there will be physical editing of the game.