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Admiral Yi Sun -shin, who has become Chinese, advertising notation error?

China’s Game Publisher 4399, which was recently launched, was recently faced with public opinion because of the inappropriate advertising image of Ada of Conquest as a Chinese hero.

‘Civilization Conquest’ is a mobile strategy simulation game with a total of eight civilizations. It was elected in China last month and became popular and started a global version of beta test on the 14th under the name of ‘First Server’. There were only six civilizations in the existing Chinese service version, but in the global version, Germany and Korea were added as playable civilizations.

The problem is that Admiral Yi Sun-shin was too proud to belong to Chinese civilization in the SNS advertising image that advertises it. This fact is known between gamers and controversial 4399 Korea, which is a date of date service, stopped the advertisement and deleted the relevant image, but the advertising image was already shared between the gamers.

4399 Korea explained that it was a mistake in advertising agencies and that it happened because it could not be found during the inspection, but the eyes of doubt did not disappear at all. Some Chinese games have been controversial due to indiscriminate or sensational advertising images, but this case can be interpreted in the same context as the cultural Northeast process, which is a little different.


In the controversy of the ‘Hanfu’, which has been steadily for several years, China’s claim to cultural ownership of other countries has been steadily raising noise, and there were several cases through the game. This has not been fertilized quickly, but domestic gamers have experienced similar things many times before, so there are some eyes, ‘Can you make a mistake?’

Meanwhile, 4399 Korea has now deleted the advertising image and stopped advertising, and in the game, General Yi Sun-sin is appearing as a hero of Korean civilization.

Finke dares the Champions League to the SC Freiburg

With the 3: 2 against Wolfsburg Christian Streich celebrated his 104th Bundesligasieg with the sports club, and thus as many as Volker Finke in 16 years as coach of the Freiburg. With the next threesome, prank is the sole record holder in club history, and the next chance he has in the away game in Fürth (Saturday, 15.30, live! At sports club). But this record will probably no matter what the one who loses them. Above all, both hope that the current table fifth can bring a very good season to a very good season.

“What may not be: that we leave things that we can influence themselves, because I pay attention to it very much because we want to achieve the maximum,” emphasized prank. And even if he did not publicly call it as a goal, these are the international places that the SC could also reach the DFB Cup. Finke even trusts the Freiburgern even the big litter. “I believe that you will at least run on five or six place in any case. When the quixtche is lucky or falling a goal for a few times in the last and penultimate minute, the Champions League is possible,” said the 73-year-old of the German Press Agency, “I hope you will become fourth.”

With a performance breakdown of the SC, which has never been worse than sixth since the second matchday, Finke does not expect. “I think it’s basically great when Volker is optimistic, you can leave that, I do not really need to comment,” more, prank did not want to say. The best placement of club history so far succeeded in the Sports Club with Finke in the 1994/95 season when he became third and thus moved into the UEFA Cup.

That the Freiburg is now on the way to play a similar successful round, Finke did not surprise because they could hold the team well together. But also prank, who was in the SC to Fink’s Times, have a large proportion: “Christian exposes emotionally in every game completely, which convinces the players. I hope there is another years in the composition. “

Volker Finke - Abschied vom SCF (2)

That both prank as well as sports board Jochen Saier do not spend new goals for this season, although the original – the class preservation – has long been reached, stops Finke for the right path. “It increases the opportunities to continue to be successful,” explained the ex-coach who lives in Freiburg. “It’s a lot of unpleasant when you go into play as a aspirant for the Champions League and crawls in the heads of the players.”

This is likely to be difficult to avoid eight games days in view of the tabular starting position before the end of the season. The sports club is different with the fourth Leipzig and has only one point less than the third Leverkusen. Especially before the game at Untertth Fürth is loud prank but “The best tip for the guys: does not look at the table”.

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