The stations are a critical aspect of Sons of the Forest and knowing how to survive the stations in this game is part of the survival experience.
Food sources, enemy’s aggressiveness and even how much you can leave and explore are affected by seasonal climate.
To help you understand the stations, this guide explains how stations in Sons of the Forest work.

Seasons in Sons of the Forest, explained

Sons of the Forest has the same four stations that you would normally expect: spring, summer, autumn and winter.
These stations last a few days, the summer and winter being the longest months.
The physical world of the game also begins to change with the stations, with winter snowing and in autumn you can see orange leaves in some trees.
There are also more daylight in summer compared to winter.
One of the most pronounced seasonal effects is the fact that many of the food sources in which he has been trusting during the summer will be affected by the change to winter.
Salmon, for example, will be impossible to get since the water sources that you or your companion get freely freeze.


This change will begin in autumn and will be more pronounced in winter and things will begin to return to normal once spring arrives.
This also means that enemies will also be desperate for food.
The cannibals and mutants will begin to become more aggressive, so you must be careful with that.
In addition, your own mobility will be more limited, since you will need to stay hot during winter and autumn, otherwise, the cold will exhaust your resistance.
Coat clothes and fire help with this, like the winter jacket, for example.
That is all for the explanation of how stations in Sons of the Forest work.
If you want other useful guides on key elements for the survival of Sons of the Forest, stay in.
We have a guide on how to make a rope, for example.
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