In the Xbox store you can now get hold of three scary shooters in one dropped swoop and save a whopping 80 percent.
The metro trilogy is currently available and also at the very front in the sales graphs.
The scary shooter Metro 2033 developed itself as an intensive survival experience in 2010 in the area and also, along with its 2 successor video games, still inspires fans of gloomy end of the world scenarios.
The trilogy in the Xbox store is presently reduced by 80 percent in the price-no marvel that the horror hits push once more into the bestseller graphs.

metro trilogy: scary shooter on the Xbox on deal

In the world of Metro 2033, the planet was put in rubble and ash by a nuclear war-as a survivor, you will certainly locate on your own in the metro passages of Moscow and have to endure in the apocalypse-not only other people, yet
Blood-fully mutants as well as beasts in the means.
The followers Metro Last Light and also Metro Exodus continue the relentless struggle for survival.


Take an appearance at the story trailer for Metro Exodus right here:
Metro Exodus tale trailer
In the Xbox store you can currently snap the 3 metro video games in the bundle-you get the Redux variations of Metro 2033 and also Metro Last Light with each other with Metro Exodus Gold Version for only 11.99 euros rather of 59.99 euros.
So you get everyone the scary shooter for only 4 euros.
The offer is still legitimate until March 6, 2023.
Sight metro trilogy in the Xbox store!

Xbox charts: Hogwarts Heritage dominates

The metro trilogy dealt with onward to second area in the Xbox charts-only the considerably reduced Dead Island conclusive collection is currently also extra preferred.
Behind both horror video games in the top 5 Hogwarts Tradition, Call of Task: Modern War 2 and also Syndicate Plus comply with.
In our image gallery we reveal you 7 elements where Xbox is in front of the PS5:
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