The new End night developer survival game has many intuitive game mechanics, but there are one or two that are not.
That includes how to use the gps locator in Sons of the Forest, which can be difficult to understand since it is never explained.
This is what you need to know about the subject.


What does the gps locator

the gps locator is found for the first time after exploring one of the first purple markers on its map, not far in the mountain from where it crashed into the helicopter.
Once you have one, the locator is essentially a marking tool to help you remember any key point of particular interest you can discover on the map.
For example, if you have located a camp that you think could have a good booty to grow, but it is not something you want to address immediately, you can mark the location and return later.

Use of the gps locator in Sons of the Forest

the gps locator can be used in two different ways: placing one on the ground or giving one to an NPC, such as Kelvin or Virginia.
Since the last option is as simple as interacting with the NPC and delivering the element, here we will only talk about how to place one on the ground.
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To do so, you will only need a stick, which you can collect more or less any part of the map by cutting some small trees or bushes.
Once you have a stick, look towards the floor and place one on the floor.
Remember, you must move away from the standard fire option by pressing the right button first.
With the stick on the floor, access your inventory and draw a GPS locator.
Now you will see the option to place one on top of the stick.
Before doing so, keep in mind that it is possible to alternate between different symbols, so choose one that is appropriate for location according to your preferences.
With the gps locator now configured, it will always appear on its map while walking on the island.

That should give everything you need to know how to use the gps locator in Sons of the Forest.
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