What happened to Riley in the Last of Us?
As in the video game, the last moments that Ellie and Riley have invested together are disappointed since they both objective to sit together and shed the mind after they have actually been attacked.
Yet as we all know, Ellie is immune to one bite of the infected.
So while Ellie spends her time to ask why she is not changing into one of the zombie sorts of The Last of the United States, what does Riley do?
What is your fate and also will she wind up with one of the infected?
Below is what we understand.

What took place to Riley in the Last people?

In The Last people, after we left Riley and Ellie in the purchasing facility, Riley ultimately succumbed to the infection after she has actually been attacked while Ellie stays active as well as finally figures out that she is immune.
We do not know specifically what took place to Riley when the infection established, only Ellie knows.
Did she shoot Riley or just left her to reverse?
Eventually, we still don’t know the solution after the magazine of The Last people Part 2.


However, there might be an indicator of what occurred in the Last people on HBO.
When Ellie is struck by a twisted SAM in the motel, she normally reacts stressed, yet instantly becomes completely incapable of fending off Sam or just keeping him in chess.
For us, it is almost as if Ellie has a PTBS, freezes and also is completely unable to do something, due to the fact that the very same point occurred with Riley.
Ellie also stated that throughout the collection she has already killed a person what might describe the contaminated people that attacked her as well as Riley, or on Riley herself, particularly if she was stunned exactly how quickly she turned.
This does not ultimately discuss what took place to Riley, it offers some scenarios and also probable final thoughts on Riley’s journey.
Inevitably, what happened to Riley in the Last of Us is not the core of Left Behind and the story in the program as well as in the game.
The moment together of Riley as well as Ellie provides Ellie depth and reveals just how comparable to her and also Joel’s life and also how ultimately they are on similarly.

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