A day full of a lot of action between the squads that fight for the maximum glory of the Golden League, with the dates advancing we see several teams that manage to keep the tip of the table but to others that continue to fight for an opportunity to overthrow the squads of
Up to get the pass to the next stage, we have seen a great level of the teams, but everything can happen in this tournament.
Starting with the confrontation of fire against Spirituals where we see a team of the Phoenix dominating the stage from the beginning thanks to an Alkali de Zelt that demonstrates its potential within the contest to be able to lower the life of the rivals getting to climb in a form
Effective to give them victory.
In the second game we see the deer react on some occasions, but the Fire Force dominates the game with a lemon that was proactive with his Mackie to be able to grant an advantage in the game to be able to take the 2-0.


Continuing with the second series we have an Awake branch against Osaka with a Kiss Shot showing a Cassiopeia in the middle part that would be quite strong before the rivals to take an advantage in their favor that take advantage to make them fall into the battles for objectives that would end up being for Osaka.
In the second game we see Awake respond differently thanks to the Tax of Pinky that manages
the Series.
After those such even clashes, things get intense in the Colombian league with a fire team that recovers the tip of the table for just one point, but that has to wait for the result of Kali’s next game to know if it remains with
The place or will have to continue looking for other games to take that first position of the tournament.