The creation of potions is not only frog eyes and mandatory, sometimes you need something more… deadly.
The stench of the dead is an incredibly useful resource in Hogwarts’s Heritage, which can be used in combat potions to give you an advantage over the enemy.
This is where you can find the stench of the dead.

where to find the stench of the dead in the legacy of Hogwarts

If you are looking for EAU de Dead, you either need to either buy it in potion stores, such as J. Pippin’s potions in Hogs mid or go to the wild in search of infernal.
You can find these zombies-like animals wandering around your homes.

You will definitely encounter an inferno during the keeper of your brother by a side quest.
Inferno dumps the stench of the dead when they die.
Keep in mind that these monsters can get damage only when they burn from the fiery spell, so we recommend that both of the Indira and conferring in their slots of fast spells before trying to destroy these guys.

stench the dead uses

There are not so many applications of the stink of the dead outside the potions.
Its main application is the creation of the Removal cigarette, which is a combat potion used to apply damage.


When you drink it, the potion will create a storm around you, which will stun all the nearest enemies and inflict damage.
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