Similar to the time in the first book and film Harry Potter and the stone of the smart men, you have to bear with the talking hat at the beginning of your very first academic year.
The magical headgear then chooses in which of the 4 houses from Hogwarts you land-but unlike in the template, you have a good say.

One of the most important choices by Hogwarts Tradition do you make early in the game: in which home from Hogwarts do you end up?
We’ll tell you how the option of houses works and what results the decision has.

HOGWARTS LEGACY: This is how you can do it in your home

Even if you do not get in the school for witchcraft and magic as an eleven-year-old in Hogwarts Tradition, however are just found a couple of years later, you still have to take part in the opening ceremony in the Grove Hall at the beginning.
There you will then place on the speaking hat, which asks you 2 questions.
The just essential thing here is to respond to the 2nd concern, due to the fact that it chooses for the first time about the project to a house.

In the answers, fans of Harry Potter should already see which quality for which home stands.
If you have little experience with it, we will assist you with the answer:

Wrong answer chosen?
Don’t fret, since the choice is not instantly last.
You now have the opportunity to select your final home again.


After that there is no change-the option is final for the rest of Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Junket: This attribute stands for Gryffindor, Harry Potter, Heroine Granger or Ron Weasley’s home
  • Loyalty: This attribute means Hufflepuff, the house of Newt Salamander, Cedric Dig gory or Nymphadora Monks
  • Curiosity: This attribute in turn stands for Ravenclaw, the home of Luna Love good, Gilder Lockhart or Films Flit wick
  • Ambition: This attribute ultimately means Slytherin, your house of Draco Malfoy, Lord Voldemort or Merlin

What results do the home election have?

At first glance, the choice of your house does not have any further results.
In the course of history, nevertheless, a small side strand within a primary mission follows, the content of which depends on your house.
Don’t worry, we do not provide a spoiler at this point, however it should be exposed that this objective area ends up from home to home, but the fundamental result of the mission stays the same.

Depending on which house you pick, your typical space and your school clothing will be figured out.
You can discover your bed either in the space of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin and your cape represents the colors of your home.

Exclusive house missions or other sections that only come from a specific house are otherwise not offered in Hogwarts Legacy.
You can for that reason easily decide which home or quality you feel more linked to.
You can likewise take part in a little quiz on the Warding World website and find out which house is most likely to fit you-and you can even import the choice directly into the video game.

Magic wand: Are there any distinctions?

The response is really easy: No, the wand you choose has no impact on your course of the game.
The option of wood, the length, the flexibility and also the core itself are purely optical and do not affect your wonderful powers in the game.
You can therefore totally freely choose according to subjective requirements what your wand should appear like.

In addition to the choice of the house, you need to select a magic wand at Hollander in the video game early in Hogwarts Legacy.
Of course, the question also arises here whether the different rods have an influence and might even vary in their attributes.

Note that this choice is last.
You can no longer change your wand and have actually been bound to this choice.
You should therefore take some time, because after all, you will extremely often be on the wand over 30 hours of over 30 hours.

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