Robert Bobby Kick, CEO of the American company Activision Blizzard, downloads hard accusations in an interview with Financial Times, both in the direction of Sony Interactive Entertainment and international competition authorities.

The accusations apply to a giant acquisition agreed at the beginning of last year, where Microsoft, an American, announced that he would buy activision blizzard with a massive $68.7 billion amount.
However, the trade has not yet been completed, as the deal has been on the road, for example, in Europe and in the United States, not forgetting the actual competitors, such as Sony.


In recent months, the United Kingdom, the EU and the United States have been carefully investigating the background of trade and protesting against the acquisition.
The latest twists and turns include the statement of the British Competition and Market Authority (CMA) that the trade would reduce competition and cause higher prices, fewer choices, or decline in innovation to British players.
In an interview with the Financial Times, Kick expressed his concern about possible ideologies that appeared in agencies and claimed that Sony’s CEO Jim Ryan would have interrupted the conversation in both the Activision Blizzard and Microsoft, while other companies’ leadership would also have stopped responding to the Activision and Microsoft call.
-Sony’s entire leadership suddenly stopped talking about anyone inside Microsoft.
I think Sony is trying to sabotage our acquisition by all means, Kick said and continued:
-It is absurd to think that our Activision Blizzard or Microsoft would not support PlayStation in any way in the form of games.
Sony was asked a comment from the Financial Times side to which the company spokesman replied:
-We are still in contact with Microsoft, and we have nothing more to tell at the moment.
In an interview with an FT, Kick also said it was optimistic about the shop with Microsoft to finish by July this year.
The acquisition is currently also being dealt with the US Trade Commission, which Microsoft hired a maritime marine Beth Wilkinson, a woman who hired in 2012 to explore Google.
If you go to the lawyer with the Commission, she would look like a person who crushes them, Kick assured.
Last month, Microsoft accused Sonya EU agent for misleading the Call of Duty to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation, one of the biggest controversy between companies.
In January, Sony’s CEO Jim Ryan allegedly met European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager to discuss the intentions of the competing company, Microsoft, who competes with him.
Microsoft’s communications manager Frank X. Shaw commented on this in late January on Twitter, stating that Sony’s accusations of the Call of Duty Series sales are not true at all.