Not always everything can constantly go incorrect, that alone says the statistics.
This truism held true in our 22nd Dungeons and Dragons session, of which I want to inform in my game guide diary.
This time among the heroes faced an arena fight to fill up with the determined gold reserves of the group.
In the meantime, a new puzzle is already opening up to make life challenging for the hero at some time in the future…

arena fight and search for traces

The 2nd day in the Pirate capital Se wanna ran better for our heroes Castile, Nadia and Arianna.
Nadia handled to season a little and rented her natural goddess in the regional temple.
Arianna moved through the city’s clubs to get a much better feeling for the place.
And Castile?
It was still stinking due to the fact that of the gold that he had played in the gambling establishment the eve, and for that reason registered in the battling arena in the hope of getting the rate gold.
Castile combated against the orc woman Lira in the arena.
Due to the lack of orc design, I put a lemma on the size of the size.
Source: Rubbed The battle took place at night.
Castile’s opponent was a big orc female who swung her war ax as if there was no tomorrow.
Each blow decreased the angel’s life’s life which despite its damage resistance from the barbarian rage.
He handled to deactivate his challenger numerous times, however in the end she won her gun once again and again.
In the end it was said: he or she.
Only a single blow chose which of the two challengers would sink to the bottom of the arena and whoever came out victorious.
The angel was Hold and Castile’s angel, the Or warrior had the ability to dominate, but simply like that.
Nadia followed a totally brand-new trail the next day.
There were perplexing events in the city, because it stated on the black board
She thought that she had to do with her hunt for the intelligence overlays, however she discovered that it was most likely something totally various.
Amusing things had actually occurred in Se wanna in the past couple of weeks, she discovered that a wedding dress was rotten straight on the female’s body while she was on the way to the altar.
An in theory healthy infant was born.
The city’s whores suffered bad pimples.
The city center was unexpectedly covered with mucous on the within and outdoors, just overnight, without traces and without witnesses.
Nadia and Castile puzzled for a long period of time what it could be everything about and chose to take care of the matter.
This puzzle would offer a little distraction of their Harpy issues.
Which was what they were in fact looking for in Se wanna, didn’t it?

Se wanna’s black board.

City residents and adventurers can find notifications around life in the city on the black board of Se wanna.
There is news, deals and tasks for brave warriors here.

Source: in Se wanna are waiting on more than 20 different side quests for the heroes of my experience, which you will lead across the island of Pen Mantra.
Do you prosper in satisfying all of them?
This can just reveal the future.
A few of these missions start with hints or rumors that can be acquired in one of the taverns at a talkative NSC.
Others are activated by passed time or unique occasions.
And others begin on the black board of the city.
When the adventurers newly gotten here in Se wanna, they found an overall of four fascinating notes for them: more affordable admission to the casino, grasping eggs, vanished females and puzzling events.
I marked these possible jobs with green, red or yellow color to provide the gamers a sign of which quests they ought to first commit themselves and which are still potentially deadly at the minute.
Later on, if you have currently worked out a few tasks, the black board will be filled again.
A total of 8 tasks can be gotten here, most of which revolve around what is occurring in Se wanna.

betting chances in the arena

Considering that the casino sadly did not bring the hero fast, Castile tried it in the combating arena the next day.
There are an overall of four champions to be defeated there.
Your challenge level starts at 4 with the very first challenger and rises to 8, at the present grand master of the arena.
For every attempt to eliminate one of the warriors, the opposition needs to pay 10 gold coins.
For this, financially rewarding winnings in the first win versus the arena champions: The very first opponent generates 50 gold coins, the 2nd 100, the third is already 200 and when success over the champ the challenger receives an unbelievable 400 gold pieces.

Of course, it is likewise possible to wager on your favorites.
I considered the following system: If a traveler begins the arena, I dice his wagering quota with a W100 with a disadvantage.
For opponents 2 and 3, a normal W100 limit and the last opponent is a W100 with benefit, considering that the opposition has currently gone far for himself.
The quantity of the (randomly generated) wagering quota then figures out the revenue together with the self-selection.


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