Comes Holdings is a collectible strategy RPG Eternal Sword: Legion War (English Title: Eternal Saga: Region Tactics) Global updates.


In this update, the new hero Keyed of Yacht race appears.
Keyed is an archer type hero who is excellent for ranged attacks.
Headshots use tactics that can cause fatal damage to one enemy.
In addition, it will be a great help in improving the combat power of mercenaries by firing a gun with gunpowder to attack several enemies, as well as the ability to strengthen the power of the Yacht race.

In addition, you can compete with other servers in the duel.
The newly added world season ranking allows you to duel and test your power among the top 20 users in the top 20 other servers.

In commemoration of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, the 2023 Valentine’s Day event will be held by the 28th of this month.
If you access the game, you can get a piece of chocolate, an event item, and you can get additional stages on the world map.

Chico sculptures can be exchanged with game goods King coin and can be used for major items such as Hero Soul Weapon Summons.
The sculptures acquired can also participate in Valentine’s production events.
Collect chocolate pieces and make a homemade heart chocolate to get a Valentine’s Day gift box containing the event legend.