Better weeks are remembered for the news of the video game, huh?
Again they paint courage for E3 2023-it seems more or less clear that Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo will not participate in the ESA and Reed pop event-yes, but it also has agreed a few to announce cancellations, delays, delays
and servers closures.
The positive note, especially for the company itself, comes from Sony: more record numbers in its last financial inform.
Good moment, someone thought, to announce that the plus collection is also over.
And although we continue-Veya if we continue-with Hi-fi Rush, there is also room today for other releases and news.
It is Season: Letter to the Future, who brings more landscapes than opinions, and have given him a wire, another, to Hitman: the world of murder now approaches Roguelike, in case the three games in one sounded like


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