In June 2022, the streaming organization OK (One Real King) revealed that they desire to design their own MMORPG together with ex-Wow devs such as Chris Kazakh and Douglas Fraser.

OK is among the biggest streaming organizations and was established by Twitch banners such as Mongol, Island and Rich Campbell.
Mongol is considered the biggest wow banner of the Twitch platform and the other members of the group have ended up being understood by WoW.
So it will be interesting to see what type of role-playing video game is produced here.
Kazakh and Co. Well-known Studios have actually established because the announcement of the cooperation.
The role-playing game of the ex-blizzard devs bears the name Job Honor. The game is still in its infancy, however recently the studio showed the very first pictures of the video game and discussed a very first play test.

initially take a look at Job Honored Role play of the ex-blizzards devs

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There is no date for a play test yet, but Chris Kazakh assures that this year must be included.
In the video, the developers reveal the very first photos of the dream world, which is built in Unreal Engine 5.
When choosing a class, the developers depend on classes that every role play has basically: warriors, priests and magicians.
The playing design of the classes should be changed in different ways in the course of the game.


Task Honor is said to deviate from the classic RPG combat style.
We are reconsidering the basic RPG battle system with an immersive third-person video camera, melee, magic and abilities that are all tailored towards a captivating multiplayer PVP VE experience, states the notorious studios.
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Jerk: Ex-Wow developer and OK show the very first photos of Project Honor (2) [Source: YouTube Notorious Studios First Look!
(And play test statement)] In the video you can see the warrior’s first idea illustrations.
The video also reveals the NOTORIOUS studios offices, in which the OK members Mongol, Island, Sodapop and NMP apparently took a very first appearance at the video game.
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