The representative of Erlang Haaland, Rafaela Pimento, more fueled the speculation about an exit clause of the Norwegian at Manchester City.
I constantly say that a person of my priorities as an intermediary is to offer the player what I call the secret to the door.

Spanish AS.
Nevertheless, the representative paved the way to the specific question of an exit clause in the contract of the 22-year-old Norwegian.
This is difficult to address, said Pimento.
Eventually, she is primarily worried with the well-being of the gamer: If you can no longer be there tomorrow since you don’t like it because you do not pay you well or because your partner wishes to reside in Paris? Then you go, don’t you?
Haaland only changed from Borussia Dortmund to the People last summer for around 60 million euros.
At the PL club, the striker is undeniable service provider-in 27 competitive games 2022/23, he scored 31 goals.


His agreement is dated to 2027.
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City trainer Pep Guardiola had previously denied the presence of a provision in Haaland’s working paper.