League gamers were originally expecting Aurelio Sol to appear in the customer on patch 13.3, but they may have to wait a bit more to be starstruck with the Star Forgers brand-new capabilities and cosmetic. The cosmic dragon is now unrestrained by the three turning stars he initially had, and can roam easily throughout the Rift while breathing fire. However, what players will have to fear the most are his cosmic meteors that will reverberate throughout the map.

Furthermore, League gamers can also expect the Star Forger to showcase a brand-new skin quickly, as Riot previously announced that he will get a brand-new cosmetic in 2023. In the meantime, gamers can have enjoyable watching out for concealed Easter eggs in the dragons new graphics impact. Some League gamers already spotted a Lee Sin in Aurelio Sols supreme when it’s tossed while the Star Forger is using his Storm Dragon skin.


Aurelio Sol arrived at the BE customer, beautifying all League of Legends gamers with his existence– and new abilities. The Star Forger got a make-over and is now headed to the Rift with a new capability package and some surprise Easter eggs in his brand-new visuals.

The cosmic dragon finally revealed himself to all League players after his arrival on Leagues BE, which was initially postponed due to tech problems. After seeing Aurelio Sols new set for the very first time, League players are now able to test him out prior to his last release later on this month.