There have been several frustrations within the Overwatch community throughout season 2. Fortunately, from the latest Blizzard Entertainment information update on Overwatch, they are moving forward to solve many of these problems with the next seasonal update.
We have all the information you need to know, so continue for all the next changes announced for Overwatch 2 Season 3.

What changes are being made in Overwatch 2 season 3?

According to reports, it is said that many changes will begin with the launch of season 3, including more frequent events, currency changes in the game, hero reworkings, monetization settings, and more.
Keep reading below to get a complete breakdown of each change on your way to the game.

Nerf Mantra

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment
While Mantra certainly had an impressive debut, he did not operate with all the potential that the Overwatch team had planned.
To remedy this, Blizzard Entertainment improved his skills before he was available as a selection in competitive matches.
This was achieved by improving its nemesis form and reducing the reuse time of its vacuum barrier to increase the general activity time with its skills.
These changes caused a positive change in Mantra, making it one of the strongest tank selections in the game.
However, a part of his team has remained devastating in the battle, and the Overwatch team has recognized that they knew it would be a risk after their release.
The specific ability in mind is the latest Mantra, annihilation.
Ani-annihilation currently has an infinite timer as long as enemies are in the effect area.
This has caused the leader of Null sector to feel overwhelmed when he uses his ultimate ability, since he is naturally a team fighting winner and could be used with a strategy to claim victory by eliminating the enemy in extra time.
Facing a Mantra using annihilation often feels completely useless, as if I had already lost the fight, and for that reason, this ability is changing.
In season 3, Mantra annihilation will have a cloud that progresses slower if enemies are within the effect area, with a limit of 20 seconds. These changes aim to provide more counteract opportunities to face the annihilation of Mantra
And, ultimately, lead to more balanced equipment fights.

Events in the game

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment
The Overwatch 2 team has expressed its goal of including more events and game modes for limited time after the initial launch of the game.
It seems that Blizzard is making an effort here, trying to bring some new events to the screen to see what the players enjoy and recover old holiday favorites.
Battle for Olympus made his debut in Overwatch 2 season 2, offering a limited time game, new masks to buy, challenges and a free reward in the shape of the Meres Winged Victory mask.
However, the best part of this event was that the participating hero with more elimination of final blows at the end of the event would receive a statue in the three Maps of Lies.
While the event was undoubtedly new and unique, there are several modifications that the Overwatch team intends to do for its next annual return, such as making the challenges easier to achieve, enable a Team Deathwatch mode and incorporate it into
Personalized game.
The second season of Overwatch 2 also saw the return of the well-known Winter Wonderland and Lunar New Year events.

However, for many players who return, these events felt completely disappointing this time, with the lack of new hero masks, weekly challenges to win seasonal gifts and changes in holiday game modes.


The lack of cosmetics left an unpleasant flavor in the mouth of those who were familiar with the events, since the free rewards that were mainly offered consisted of reused masks of the same events in Overwatch 1.

Competitive changes

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment
Since the game launch, Overwatch 2 has had a long list of problems with competitive mode and general pairing.
Blizzard has made another statement in this last batch of information, stating that they are aware of these problems, specifically with the inconsistency and little frequency of confrontations and competitive updates.
The Overwatch team has revealed that they will soon have a variety of improving improvements, as well as updates in the competitive system.

Currency changes

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment
Many Overwatch fans have felt disappointed with the monetization of Overwatch 2 and the elimination of loot boxes in favor of the new Overwatch Coins.
The problem is not so much the lack of loot boxes, but rather the fact that Overwatch Coins is the main currency of the game, there is a total lack of ways to win the credits for free.
Not everyone has extra money to buy Overwatch Coins, and the fact that they could not easily get in the game meant that getting new Hero Skins or collectibles seemed almost impossible.
Season 3 brings the return of Overwatch Credits, the Overwatch 1. Previously, these were shown in the game as Legacy Credits and could not be won in Overwatch 2. Now, each player can win up to 1,500 Overwatch Credits as a free season.
Rewards, and Premium Battle Pass owners can win additional 500, for a total of 2,000 credits.
The Overwatch team has also declared that they will add more uses to the credits so that players can choose from more rewards.

Changes in the Heroes’ gallery

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through
The Overwatch 2 heroes gallery is also receiving a couple of significant changes.
The first of these changes is that all epic and legendary aspects launched before the launch of Overwatch 2 will always be available for purchase in the heroes’ gallery, either with Overwatch coins or credits.
This includes masks of previous seasonal events, which will be available at any time of the year instead of waiting for the event to appear again.
The prices of these aspects will now be reduced to 1500 Overwatch currencies or credits, which means that players can gain a legendary aspect of their choice every season.
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