It seems that Hi-fi Rush has become clear to a phenomenon overnight.
While the Xbox Game Pass game accumulates players, we have thought about showing you some tips without spoilers on how to get the most out of it.
Especially useful if you think you are not a great passionate about rhythm games, but you want to enjoy it equally, these are the 13 tips that I would have liked to know before starting playing Hi-fi Rush.

Turn on your screen game mode

Although we always usually deny the game or film mode by how it can affect the image we see on the screen, in Hi-fi Rush it is the most advisable to turn on your TV game mode or monitor to reduce latency to the maximum.
Remember that, in any case, you can calibrate the screen so that the game takes into account your latency.

How to know when to hit

For those who cost them to take the pace, the game is so well spun that it has an essential trick that will be of great help to keep their combos without problems.
As Chai moves to the rhythm of music, his attacks also follow the beat, so to be able to follow him without problems you must attack just when your weapon hit the enemy.
It doesn’t matter if you do it with the strong or lazy attack, just keep attentive to the moment in which the sword impacts.


Take advantage of the companions who add not only help us to open areas or break certain shields, can also be of great help to combine with our attacks and perform large amounts of damage that join ours.

My best scores in the game have come out from being constantly attentive to the classmates whose ability has already recharged.

Complete challenges

The mural behind the sofa in the chapter choice zone is the best possible way to farm gears to improve your character and skills.
Remember to return to him whenever you can to see what challenges you can complete and take a generous prize that will make you upload much faster.

Pick up all your blows

Walking through all categories of challenges can be a bit boring, so if you are clear that you have completed several and do not want to lose a minute more sailing through their menus, keeping the button, and you can collect all the awards you have
unlocked at that time.

use the special whenever you can

Your special can be very useful, but it has the peculiarity that you will not always be available to use it at will.
After each battle, regardless of whether you have used it or not, but taking it into account for your final score of that section, the special bar will disappear.
From experience, I will tell you that it is best to burn the special everything you can before that happens.
It is not that the points you deliver are not useful, but it ends up adding more to complete the area in the shortest possible time and, above all, doing the more damage the better.

spends pieces to improve the special

Because of the usefulness of, I would recommend that one of your priorities when entering the store is to improve your special bar until you reach the maximum number of holes.
He thinks that it is useless to buy the most touched and spectacular attacks if you will not really be able to use them because you do not have enough.
Remember that you can change between two specials loaded in your inventory by pressing the top arrow, so it is convenient to have an attack that is broader and a special for bosses that allow you to follow its position.

stop looking for pieces

Although you can burst boxes, it can be a penal, it is very worth it that you walk the stage looking for the more pieces the better.
Looking for them, you will also discover secret areas that could include some more prize that will help you improve the life or special of Chai.

Those doors can open

Do not despair if you cross a door that seems to break, a wall of fire that does not allow you to pass or one for which you will need a key that you still do not have.
All these areas remain closed waiting for a second round in which, now you will have everything you need to throw them down.

Invest in effective combos

Not only to fight is lived in Hi-fi Rush, so I recommend seeing what combos best fit your style of play both inside and outside the fighting.
Without going any further, the one who asks us to press X, pause, and then pound the button and, is the easiest way to burst the soft drink machines and the statues that are loaded with gears.

Buy specials with crowd control

When the combination of bosses and putty starts overwhelming you, make sure you have a special collection that serves you as a crowd control.
The idea is to make an attack that damages the better enemies, and although at first it is not too useful, when the game begins to complicate you will learn to value its usefulness.

sells combos and skills that you don’t use

In any case, if you have bought a combo or special from which you do not just take the trick, or you are seeing that it is less useful than you thought, remember that you can sell it from the store to recover part of the gears invested.

Up your special with Parry

Among all the accessories you can buy to improve Chai, to get special energy based on Parry is probably the most useful of all.
As soon as you finish, picking up the trick to the blockade of Hi-fi Rush will become an inexhaustible source of energy that will have you specially making you every two by three.