The High on Life Update was released today and in this article we are going to discuss what is new in the update.

The developers of High up on Life continue to eliminate numerous errors and bugs from the video game.
A second, comprehensive patch has now been rolled out.
You can read the modifications here:
Corrections and optimizations
Correction of the shader collection on PC Game Pass to adjust the quality on all platforms
Improved efficiency on all Xbox platforms, including a correction of the image rhythm and stuttering on the Xbox One
When an objective is completed, Extra protection for memory data has been included to prevent the storage stands from being harmed at the moment.
It was treated that the hunter forums for Slim City were no longer activated for the town hall after checking out the High up on Life Stores.
It has actually been fixed that opponents no longer assault the player when they are disguised in Goop armor when the check-cleaned is recharged.


  • The issue has actually been repaired that collecting all gathering cards did not grant the Achievement Get Playing Card General corrections of crashes and development blockers, including:
  • Elimination of the problem that you couldn’t get on the Highway Bridge
  • Interaction demands at Ole Wet Grundy, the crucial card in Clung’s workplace and the Goop seller disappeared or did not trigger
  • It was corrected that the opponents in the Colosseum did not reappear when the checkpoint was charged in the Douglas mission.
  • A problem was repaired in which weapons were missing in the inventory after the checkpoint was charged in the Nippon mission.
  • An issue was fixed in which gamers got stuck outside the Douglas Boss-Arena
    If they look suddenly outside the base, Players can now return home from the shanty towns
  • The issue that Kris vanishes during his employer fight after being contended and stabbed
    When the gamer comes back and passes away near the clone barrels throughout the battle, The problem that Angela Grendel vanishes.
  • The problem that the video game could not be continued via the break menu after separating and renewed linking the controller was treated
  • Elimination of the problem that disembodied arms avoid the player from leaving your house after completing the last mission
  • Players could no longer get out of the credits with keyboard and mouse.
  • A possible crash on the go back to the home by the shanty town tunnel throughout the invasion of Slim City was treated.

  • The door was locked so that players can no longer leave your house while it is warped away during Slim City’s intrusion.
    Material updates
  • The motion buttons for the keyboard were re-bound for right-hand and left-handers
  • General crash enjoyable to prevent the player from getting stuck in Slim City, Zephyr Paradise, Nippon’s Lounge and Drug Town or falling off the card.
  • Lounge and Drug city
  • General navigation fun to prevent enemies from leaving the scope or cutting through items
  • General audio balance and socialization for SFX, music and dialogue
  • Improved representation of projectiles for the Kenny Bounceflector Mod