The revelation of the new signings by KOI, the ESports team of IAI Llanos, facing what is coming in 2023 w a long-awaited appointment, but things have not gone precisely well.
What sought to be a celebration ended up becoming controversy, something that IAI himself h defined a great shit.
The reon?
A selection process that many doubts, taking into account the unfortunate history of attitudes of one of the chosen stream.
The signing in question attends to the name of Ajromantto, and shortly after IAI announced their choice, numerous Twitter users showed their discontent and did not hesitate to expose some of their actions, among which are macho attitudes such the comments spilled on various streamers
or disseminate pornographic, misogynistic and disrespectful publications.
Without going any further, he even insulted other KOI members.

Have you entered by plug?

IAI responds
If the dark trajectory of the aforementioned streamer is a reon more than enough to unleh the controversy, the fact that its baggage on Twitch and YouTube is rather scarce h only enlarged it, since some users point out that Ajromantto h spent months without opening
Direct and sometimes neglect your channels.
All this h led the community to launch a serious, but necessary accusation: if it w enough to dedicate five minutes to review its history, how is it possible that it h been chosen?
IAI Llanos h not come into details-for the moment-but he h published a tweet in which he is affected by a situation that, in the absence of knowing the truth, h splhed him and h raised many suspicions: What a great shit lo
from today.
I feel very responsible.


There are no excuses, or justifications.
This cannot happen again.
We have to work with more time and calm.
We will learn for the future, I’m sure.
Furthermore, we will update you about the selection process in the next few days, he explains.
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