The NBA has recently made a number of changes to its awards and trophies. Included among these are new NBA logo, redesigned Hall of Fame trophy, and the introduction of a Players Voice award for the league’s best player. The suggestion that Bryant be used as the NBA logo was made by Crawford as well as in response to other prominent players who have noted Bryant’s lifetime accomplishments.

Numerous various other changes were made to various other trophies. The Defensive Player of the Year honor will now be called the Hakeem Olajuwon trophy. The Wilt Chamberlain Prize will certainly be granted to the Rookie of the Year.

Crawford went on and also recommended a template for what the brand-new logo design could look like.


Former NBA player Jamal Crawford has actually begged the NBA to utilize Kobe Bryant as the NBA logo design.

The present logo, which includes the shape of LA Lakers’ legend Jerry West, has been the very same since 1969. With the current adjustments in the league, Crawford is enthusiastic the NBA will think about using Bryant as the brand-new logo design.

With these modifications, the NBA also revealed a new honor, The Clutch Gamer of the Year. It was called the Jerry West Trophy, as he is perhaps the most grip player in league history.

The NBA has actually relabelled nearly all of its trophies based on several of the most effective gamers in the league. The MVP title will certainly now be called the Michael Jordan Trophy in honor of the Chicago Bulls legend.

With an honor called after West and also the current adjustments, Crawford believes it is time to utilize Kobe as the new logo. He articulated his viewpoint via his Instagram web page, stating it was the perfect time to make the modification.

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Kobe Bryant had a Significant effect on several NBA gamers

Several young gamers have actually named Kobe Bryant as their source of inspiration on their basketball journey. Several children wanted to be like Mike, others were motivated by Bryant.

In a recent interview, Devin Booker shared exactly how he strives to uphold Bryant’s perfects. He discussed just how he aims to inspire the young people, just like Bryant did.

Shaw Gilgeous-Alexander recently stated that Bryant is his all-time finest player. It is not trick that Bryant discovered a lot from MJ, Shaw thinks Bryant’s work ethic was on an additional level.

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