Douglas is a squid-like criminal in High On Life and the main antagonist of the game. He’s in charge of torturing the other criminals, and he’s also one of the most challenging bosses that you’ll have to go up against. Find out everything you need to know about defeating douglas in this article!

The G3 cartel is full of lawbreakers outcast and also dreadful space beings, which is why they should learn just how to defeat Douglas in High up on Life should be something you have to do.
This torture-loving squid in a space play can make life challenging for you if you hunt it with your bounty and locate the perfect technique, you can aid you return home and also inform genetics how well it went.

If you follow our various other High on Life boss guides, this should be the 3rd bounty that you total.
This means that you will definitely make progress by collecting all high on life tools as well as providing even more chances to complete (or henchmen) of the g3 cartel with these hand-made (or henchmen).
But you have to defeat Douglas to make additional progression.

how to defeat Douglas in High up on Life

You have to use all the tools available to you.
Follow the complying with approach to defeat this bounty:
When it strikes triggers as well as becomes purple to avoid an electric shock, Watch the floor
When Douglas abides by walls, utilize Kenny’s Trickle to obtain it slid
Watch on your mini card to see if grunts go into the one in charge battle
If Douglas is shocked, see to it that you stab him with Knife
Use the gripping point on the ceiling to avoid Douglas’s last electrical shock on the flooring prior to it dies
At the beginning of the one in charge battle with Douglas, he will remain on the ground.
Utilize your regular shots to create continuous damages until it begins to leap on the columns in the sector.
It is too rapid for a lot of their normal shots, so utilize Kenny’s technique, which will cause him to fall as well as be stunned.
In this case, most likely to him as well as utilize the melee button to damage Knife.
After rising the first couple of times, the floor starts to trigger as well as some panels will certainly be purple.
You have to jump as commonly as possible and prevent it to minimize the damages to your sign and your health.
Now, grunts will likewise pertain to the arena, yet they are very easy to use as well as additionally drop guard increases for you.
You can utilize your mini card to adhere to these runners.
Douglas will get on the columns once again, which means that you have to proceed to use Kenny’s Trick Hole.


Maintain the stress on him as you did in the past as well as his health will soon be vacant.
In this case, Douglas turns on the entire floor, making each plate dangerous for you.
You have to use the gripping point on the ceiling in the center of the room to stay at the top.
He will die, and also you can select up his DNA and a new one of the High on Life weapons, Sweeney.
So you can beat Douglas in High up on Life.
You can follow your following bounty with our High up on life mission checklist so that you know which participant of the G3 cartel you will chase you following.
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If you are all set for the next bounty, go residence as well as enter this!