Who doesn’t love a good video game? I know that I always jump at the chance to play with my nieces and nephews when they visit. We have probably logged hundreds of hours on Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Mario Party, and many others throughout the year. But with the holidays here there is new concern for what games we will be playing this Christmas.

A new journey starts for Alicia and her little bro Hugo.
After the been worthy of success of the first episode, in 2019, the French developers of Solo Studios met the expectations perfectly.
In this medieval adventure under really high tension, they knew how to concentrate on narrative and feelings once again, that makes an afflict tale: Requiem one of the 2022 musts.
A PLAGUE TALE: Requiem, ed.
Focus Entertainment, on PS5, Xbox Series and PC

The perfect criminal offense?

In Serial Cleaners, the player’s goal is easy: as a cleaner for the mafia, it is a question of making all the proof and liters of blood prevalent on a criminal activity scene vanish, prior to the intervention
police forces.
Every and funny, this infiltration video game complete of ideas immerses you in the New York city of the 90s, with 4 cleaners with extremely various styles.
Serial Cleaners, ed.
505 video games, on PC

Moving with class

The unlikely conference between the platform game and the skateboarding simulation uses up height.
Olli landed at the end of the year with a brand new DLC called Discovering the Flow zone, which will take you even further.
It’s up to you to help Squid, Light and Professor Planks to reach these unbelievable heights, while making fractures of insanity.
Olli + DLC Discovering the Flow zone, ed.
Personnel Department, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch and on PC
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Constantly tough to make your option when you wish to offer a computer game.
Fan of sport or infiltration video game, AAA title lover or little indie nugget, the player is often uncompromising.
To prevent committing an odd, do not think twice to learn about the person’s tastes before you start.

An entire football year

Tough to avoid the greatest sports franchise at the end of the year.
While the World Cup final will be played on December 18, FIFA 23 is currently a huge winner and provides an official devoted mode, with the logos and current labor force.
A deserved success since the game, in spite of some gameplay faults, takes place the enthusiasm for football.
FIFA 23, ed.
EA Games, on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Change, and PC

Middle Ages adventures

Sentiment undoubtedly should have the palm of the artistic instructions 2022, with its characters and sets who seem to enliven a medieval painting.
This narrative adventure takes location in 16th century Bavaria, in the fictitious city of Passing.
The gamer embodies a travelling artist, Andreas Male, who will try to clarify a number of mysteries.
Each discussion, each decision will have an impact on the extension and the life of the small neighborhood for the years to come.
Deeply rooted in the historic context, Sentiment is provided at a very small cost (EUR 19.99) and also available in the Video game Pass, the Microsoft subscription video games service.
Sentiment, ed.
Microsoft, on Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC, and by means of the Game Pass

Piracy is cool

The genuine 3rd episode of the Monkey Island saga is now readily available.
This experience video game, emblematic of the point N’Click style, marked generations of gamers, who were impatiently awaiting this opus.
Whatever exists: completely insane dialogues, crazy animations, and here they are sprinkled with a really initial graphic style which makes this title totally essential.
Return to Monkey Island, ed.
Revolver Digital, on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch

The saga of the Nordic gods

One of the huge titles of this end of 2022. God of War: Ragnarök is the extension of God of War, released in 2018 on PlayStation 4, and it is an excellent success.
Rates and his child Atreus are, once again, at the heart of the action.
They must explore the 9 kingdoms and battle, again and once again.
No genuine surprise, whether at the level of the gameplay or the scenario, however Ragnarök, it is the Rolls of the satisfaction of playing.
God of War: Ragnarök, ed.
Sony, on PlayStation 5

All the insanity of the zoo

Planet Zoo continues to weave his canvas.

The management game becomes a growing number of supreme with, this time, a DLC dedicated to animals of steppes, plains and meadows from worldwide.
In this development, a fantastic assortment of butterflies also appears.
These are the very first suitable animals between game species.
World Zoo + DLC Meadow Animals Pack, ed.
Frontier, on PC

Victory to the buzzer

The 2023 edition of the very best Seller NBA 2K is marked by the return of the Jordan Challenge.
This video game mode available from the launch of the title makes it possible to replay substantial moments of the player’s profession at the extraordinary list.
Effective for instant enjoyment.


Certainly, all the richness of NBA 2K is there, this year again, with numerous possibilities offered, whether we are a Sunday player or a passionate ready to spend whole nights on the video game.
NBA 2K233, ed.
2K Games, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC

Handle your group

At the end of the year committed to football, the new edition of Football Manager always tickles us.
The 2023 variation continues in the same vein as the previous opus, with a definitely enormous database and a real work on the ease of access.
Amongst the brand-new functions: a more reasonable AI, new animations and, finally, a system of confidence of advocates.
Football Supervisor 23, ed.
SEGA, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch and on PC

Blanks to work out well

In 2022, the French studio KT Racing supported the fungus to offer a high class rally simulation with WRC Generations.
Realistic and requiring, the game offers a total of 49 groups from the 2022 season (Rally1/ Rally2/ Junior WRC), to which are added 37 famous cars and trucks.
You can participate in an extremely complete leagues mode, create a team, share your best livery and, finally, enjoy the cross-platform video game.
WRC Generations, ed.
Bacon, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch and on PC