League of Legends season 12 is over, preseason 13 has already ought interesting changes to MOB and with the end of the year already among us, many players plan to spend several hours having fun with the game.
Among the community’s plans was the possibility of playing Nexus’s alternative blitz mode, which Riot Games had promised that it would return in 2022-however, the developer turned back in her promise, disappointing most of the fans.

Nexus blitz does not return this end of 2022

League of Legends has had a number of alternative modes, with some being great failures and other great hits.
One of the most popular ways in recent years was Nexus’s blitz, which was released in 2018.
The mode consisted of traveling the map and destroying the opposing structures, but it had several random events during the match, such as Bard Royale, push the cart, snowball war, king of hill, among others.
Challenging events turned mode into something super fun.
The only event that was not random was sudden death, when the nexus of both teams began to move towards each other and try to kill each other.
During their battle, each team could help their own Nexus and the team that defeated their opposing Nexus was the great champion of the match.

In 2021, Riot published a text called State of League of Legends game modes, in which he said he would like to ing Nexus Blitz back to LOL in 2022, but only after making some changes as approaching the catalog
current events and rewards of what makes game modes as TPU and UHF so interesting.
However, the official profile of MOB’s Twitter developer team published a long explanation of why this promise will not be fulfilled later this year, which generated a great frustration.
According to the company, fewer employees made the team focused on modes had to prioritize other demands.
Unfortunately, parts of the Nexus Blitz user interface experience have been oken by unresolved work in a different part of the game. Since we made the original promise in 2021 to ing Nexus Blitz back, the league team lost some
Important people who would be involved in this. Refilling people to these functions and integrating new members takes a while that affects their projects. This means that the amount of work to fix the BDN will take longer than we expected, and it is not something we can conclude
Time for the end of 2022. Therefore, we had to make the decision not to execute this plan, explained the team of developers, who also apologized for canceling the return of mode.


The team also revealed that ARM mode changes were working priority among developers.
The mode with random champions in Howling Abyss will receive exports, more shrubs and rubble from the destroyed towers that will change part of the players’ path.