Most recently there was some confusion about the last game of the year versus FC Bolt.
After the stadium at the Hunting had not been launched due to conversion measures for the video game versus the eagle provider, the Niederrhein stadium in Bolt need to be avoided.
However, the regional authorities pushed a stop to these plans.

The association regulations do not enable relocation to the Prussian stadium, given that each team needs to formally play a house and an away video game.
In a declaration by FC Bolt published on Friday, it just says: Together with the security authorities, those responsible at the West German Football Association (WDFV) and the city of Bolt, the consultations will continue in the next few days to without delay the game data and venues of the uninhabited house video games
To be able to communicate against Prussia Münster and Fortuna Perfume. From the association’s side it states that a decision can just be anticipated in the early next week.