Available since November 16 in the PlayStation, Xbox and PC, Call of Duty: War zone 2.0 consoles seems to be seducing players with their new Al March map. Nevertheless, players still claim on social networks that Verdant is his favorite map… and it is precisely an Easter egg of this old map that we can find in the game.

Verdant makes an appearance in War zone 2

When players find an Easter egg in a game, it usually doesn’t take long for the community to discover. In the case of War zone 2, you can see that one of the operators has a piece of Verdant’s map on his arm.

The discovery was made by the player with Nick Tiktokalnuke on Reddit. As you can see in your post, while he is in the operator’s menu, when he goes to the character Reyes, he sees that he is carrying something on his arm, and when he uses the operator at stake, when executing the gesture of inspecting the Weapon, it is possible to clearly distinguish that the character carries on his arm the map of the city of Verdant. But then, what can this mean? Well, there are several theories that are beginning to emerge…



We must admit that the presence of the Verdant map in Reyes is quite strange. As you know, Reyes was not present in War zone Caldera when the city of Verdant was installed, so there are at least two options available to us.

At best, we can expect developers to decide to ing Verdant map to Call of Duty: War zone 2.0, either for a limited time, or permanently with the choice of maps… something unlikely.

Second Possibility: That developers decide to reintroduce Verdant in Call of Duty: War zone Caldera, but is also unlikely, especially with the name change of the game.

The third option is the most plausible… Verdant will not return to any of the titles, and it is just an Easter Egg to stir the nostalgia and will of the players.