In this guide to The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me, you can find out:

  • Where you can find all camera codes in workshop
  • How you use the murderer’s surveillance cameras

The Devil in Me is a game from the Dark-Pictures series. As usual, it is your job to save the group of characters from safe death by collecting clues and making decisions. Mark is the group’s photographer and has to fight through a creepy basement in the Workshop scene.

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Where can I find the surveillance system?

After Mark was separated from the group, he finds himself in the murderer’s workshop. Here the crazy duet screws on his creepy dolls, for which he uses the remains of his victims. Work slowly through the basement and pay attention to sudden mini-games where you have to hide quickly.

Your path will eventually lead you into a brightly lit room, in the middle of which there is a large table. Here you have to hide from Duet by crawling under the table. Masters the following quick time event (ATE) so as not to be discovered.

If you have managed to stay still, Duet will leave the room after a short time. Follow the murderer until you get into a room where a screen hangs on the wall. There is a Keypad next to the screen that requires a four-digit number code. There are a total of three codes that are hidden in the workshop.

camera code 1: Kate

You can find the first code in the room with the large table. Opposite the table is a female mannequin, which is clearly modeled on Kate. Take a closer look at the doll and look for the first code in the nostril.

The first code is: 7293

camera code 2: The bar

You can find the second code in the same room with the large table in the middle. This time looking for a male mannequin that stands with his back to the table and stares at the wall. The code sought is on the neck of the doll.


The second code is: 0028

camera code 3: human remains

The third and last code will continue to find a room if you run towards the surveillance system. Search on the floor for a broken doll that is characterized by human teeth and a real ear. You can find the code in the arm of the doll.

The third code is: 6883

If you have all the codes together, go back to the Keypad next to the screen. You have to enter each code individually and can look forward to a new cutscene every time.

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