The shield is one of the most beloved additions in God of War (2018), especially in case meaning in the history of the game, and God of War Ragnarök raises its level of importance by implementing several types with unique skills for different struggle styles.

There is a trophy called Flange that consists of getting them all. Most get them forward in history, but there is a couple that you can overlook. Then tell you where to find them all.

God of War Ragnarök shields

God of War Ragnarök has a total of 5 shields and each has an improvement hole for a Road. It is very easy to get all shields because most are obtained passively while advancing in history. There are only two that you can ignore, although only one could be lost. And they are:

Locating this shield is a bit straight because of the amount of roads that the area has, so I have prepared a video to see it lighter. You must go through this site at a time in history. If you ignore it, this is the fastest way to arrive.

And it would be! Remember that it is not enough to have the shields available in the forge of Book and Sindhi, you must manufacture them and have them in the inventory. Use and improve the one that best suits your game mode. My favorite is the shield of the stone wall, and yours?