When talking about video games and mobiles it is very fleeting, since many titles are normally off shortly after having published, this has happened with releases such as the Battle Royale of Final Fantasy VII. Just this will be affecting Square Enix Montreal, as four of his phone releases will be eliminated soon.

Through a new statement, the editor declared that these video games with which they will disappear from the mobile stores:

-Arena Battle Champions

-Zeus ex go

-Hitman Sniper: The Shadows

-Space Invaders: Hidden Heroes

The date to discharge them is on December 1 in terms of downloads. Since they will continue to serve those who already have them on their devices, but they can run them only until January 4. So those who want to build high scores must play all these days before losing total access to the four.

Deus Ex Go

With immediate effect, purchases stop in the game. We recommend that previous purchases in the game are used before January 4, since they will not be reimbursed.

On behalf of the development team, we would like to thank you for playing our games

It is worth mentioning that this may be due to the fact that the study in question was dissolved by embarrass Group, so they would have different tasks that move away from supporting these video games.

Via: NGC

Editor’s note: It is a bit sad to read this, since games like Deus Ex Go had not much time to have launched. Now it’s time to wait to see what employees who started from this company will do.