• Topic: World of Warcraft: The process from the story to the image

  • Lecture: Nam Long Mo-Blizzard Entertainment / Artist

  • Field: Game design

  • Time: 2022.11.17 (Thu) 17:00 ~ 17:50

  • Summary: The story of the process of developing World of Warcraft, and the process of developing a story into a visual element. We talked about the artist’s concerns and how to solve the story of weapons, tier sets, creatures (monsters, etc.). There was also a story about the art of World of Warcraft’s next expansion pack (Dragon flight).


■ The core of the Blizzard style is the secret of utilizing the epic feeling of handcrafting -WOW
Have you ever imagined an image in your head when you heard a novel or story? The images of each background knowledge or experience will be different. The work of the Blizzard Art Team is to interpret the story to form the imagination image of hundreds of things in the best shape. The game art expressed in this way ultimately leads the player a new experience.

World of Warcraft’s art style is handcrafting or hand painting. Nam Jong-il artist said that Blizzard’s efforts to convey the feelings made by hand are to make users experience in the Epic fantasy world. The Blizzard Art team said that it avoids working with actual photos to make it possible to make it look like a hand. These small details gather to complete nature and structures and form a natural harmony with the background.

■ Creating a character weapon I learned through a primitive liquor -The story is a promise and an internal design
Reading and understanding the story is very important to the artist. The story is a promise with various artists working together and an internal design drawing. Before working, the artist gathers together with the design team, the creative team, the effect team, and the animation team to share the story and discuss what it will look like. And the artists choose the theme they want and focus on the image.

For example, let’s take an example of the first Bill an in this expansion pack.

Listen to keywords, chaos, primitive, wild, elements, disorders, etc. What is the weapon used by a primitive sake? Find a real picture that suits the story.

Now imagine the weapons used by the elements based on these materials. I refer to the actual picture, but focus on implementing the image in the head. Why did you refer to the actual picture? When people encounter new images, they tend to contrast the existing head image. This phenomenon, also referred to as a Vania, refers to a human psychology that finds the familiar shape he already knows in irregular shapes. Therefore, based on the shape of the actual picture, it is possible to draw out people’s consensus, and to erase the gap from the new shape as much as possible.

There are three theories to consider after the approximate weapon design comes out. These three theories help to complete the World of Warcraft down concept. The first is really important for the first eye, regardless of silhouette, color, texture, or contrast. The silhouette is an important factor that remains in memory for a long time. Second is rhythm and emphasis. It creates dynamic movements and flow to provide clues to find the characteristics and patterns of the design. The third is exaggerated and balanced. Exaggerate specific points to clearly express the function. Considering whether it is a melee weapon, a ranged weapon, or a proximity weapon, it is expressed in consideration of which job is used.

■ Production of WOW Creature seen through Gum chi Tiger
World of Warcraft adds a lot of creatures whenever an expansion pack comes out. Wildlife that matches the climate of the area is deployed to enrich the world of Warcraft. Let’s take a look at WoW’s creation know-how through the production process of Sabers and Gum chi Tiger added in the expansion pack of the Yong gun Corps.

Creature has some concerns about the artist. First, even when creating a creature, it is necessary to use the feeling of hand, which is the core value that Wow pursues. Nevertheless, there must be a different personality from the actual tiger.

The Gum chi tiger added from the Yong gun Corps has the characteristics of Ryan Fish and Korean name Solbaegam Peng to make a difference from the existing animals while keeping the primitive feeling. Spikes made of stone leather on tigers, etc. are the parts of Ryan Fish.

Afterwards, we work to apply a variety of colors to melt the background color of the added area. When working on colors, it adds the colors of the actual animals to show the naturalness of the wild animals rather than randomly colored. Afterwards, the animation of the previously used tiger is applied to see how the sword tiger moves in the actual game. The tiger, which has been all roughly until the animation process, finally adds to the world of Warcraft to meet users.