Call of Duty Season 1: Modern Warfare 2 is already here, with a lot of new content for fans to consume it. As usual, a new season brings new weapons, one of the many weapons being the Rifle of Vitus XMR sniper. Do you want to add this bad boy to your collection? This is what you need to know about how to get the Vitus XMR sniper in MW2

Vitus XMR Sniper in MW2

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The Vitus XMR sniper can only be unlocked in a way in MW2, and that is through the battle pass. If you move to the battle pass tab, you will see that the weapon is in the A7 sector of the battle pass of season 1.

The battle pass system in Modern Warfare 2 works a bit different this time. Like Fortnite, the pass was modified to a new level-based format, in which players can unlock whatever they want, in the order they want, through the use of unlocking sheets that are obtained when playing. Vitus XMR belongs to the A7 sector, and when moving through it is will be revealed that you must use five unlocking sheets in the elements of the sector to catch the sniper.

That is all you need to know about how to get the XMR Sniper Vitus in MW2. Be sure to consult our related content, for example, how to update Vault Edition to help you conquer your battle pass, how the new MW2 prestige system works or how to adjust your weapons in MW2.


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