There are many agriculture games that have implemented elaboration systems. From Star dew Valley to Story of Seasons, most offer players some kind of skill to create. The newly released Harvested is certainly no exception to this rule, since it offers a good variety of elements that players can create in the work bank of their home. One of the most necessary articles you will find while you play Harvested is the repair kit. As you travel through areas and dungeons, you must use them to build shortcuts and ways of crossing. If you are wondering How to get repair kits in Harvested Continue reading, since we have written a quick and easy guide that will make it repair in a short time!

Obtain repair kits in Harvested

Before you can really jump to the elaboration of repair kits in Harvested, you will need the recipe. This recipe will be unlocked naturally as you progress. While you are with Acanthus, you will find your first broken bridge. It is at this point that Acanthus will give you a repair kit and teach you to use it. After this meeting, you can create your own repair kits.

Craft repair kits

Once you have obtained the recipe for a repair kit, return home. Enter and use the work table. This will be the same as you used to make return bells.

For a repair kit, you will need to have 1 wood and 1 hard stone in you. Simply press Create and 20 minutes of the game will spend instantaneously.

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Now you have a repair kit! We recommend doing some good ones so that you are always prepared to repair while running with your group. As well as the elaboration of the kit, the repair will also do so (an hour, to be exact).

If you wonder how to do other basic things in the game, such as fishing or unlocking all the jobs now that you know How to get repair kits in Harvested , be sure to consult our guides! You can also search below more content related to Harvested.

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