Binance, the world’s largest virtual asset exchange, withdrew its global virtual asset exchange ftx acquisition plan.

Binance announced on the 10th that it will withdraw its acquisition plan as a result of the company’s due diligence on the FTX, as it reveals that it is revealed that user funds and suspicions of US authorities are revealed.

On the 2nd, as the sister-in-law of the sister company Dromedaries Research became known, the industry’s own FTX token (FTT) risk and the possibility of liquidity crisis of FTX were raised in the industry.

Changing Zoo Binance chief executive officer (CEO) announced on the 9th that the FTX was faced with serious liquidity shortages and signed a letter of intent to support it. It was withdrawn in one day.

We tried to support FTX users to provide liquidity, but we are out of the capacity that can be controlled or helped.

The British Economic District Financial Times reported that Binance made this decision as the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) expanded its investigation into FTX’s virtual asset loan products and user fund management.

According to reports, the SEC has been conducting an investigation into the FTX for several months, and when Binance expressed his intention to take over, he requested additional data.

According to Bloomberg, the US Products Trade Commission (CFTC) is also investigating the FTX.

Bloomberg reported that the assets of Sam Bank man Fried FTX, which had been in the billionaire, have disappeared about 94% in one day.