[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] US game developer Kong Studio announced on the 8th that it will recruit public talent for new project development.

Bean Studio’s new project OS is a Sandbox 3D game based on Unreal Engine 5, aiming to launch stationary consoles and PC platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox. The new work is produced in a game with large narratives along with animation-style graphics.

This new work is the first project led by the Kong Studio headquarters since the Guardian Tales, and the main production will be carried out with the development team of Los Angeles, where the headquarters is located in Korea.

Currently, the hiring divisions are developed groups except for planning, including PD’s, etc. You can find more details on each job group’s introduction page through the recruitment banner on the Bean Studio homepage, and you can support online.

An official of Bean Studio said, We have expanded the best infrastructure to cope with the development of the next generation game, and now we are currently conducting research that requires development processes such as rendering, open world, and soft body animation. We have prepared a work environment so that developers can focus more on creating ‘high quality games’ by eliminating unnecessary processes such as demonstration and establishing a systematic production integration cycle management system.

Bean Studio was a game developer born in Silicon Valley in 2013, and in August last year, it became a unicorn company worth 1 trillion won through Series B investment. Since the first quarter of 2022, global cumulative sales have surpassed $350 million.