Wezen (CEO Jae-young Kim) announced on the 4th that it recorded sales of KRW 59.5 billion, operating profit of KRW 17.4 billion, and net profit of KRW 18.8 billion.

Revenue fell 10.32% YoY, but operating profit and net profit increased 6.58% and 30.53%, respectively. Compared to the previous quarter, sales and operating profit fell 14.42% and 32.04%. Net profit also decreased by 8.7%.

The company’s total sales fell slightly due to the decline in domestic sales in the third quarter of this year, but the company’s own developed work ‘R2M’ increased its proportion of overseas businesses by more than 19%. In particular, R2M has been steadily achieving sales since its launch in Taiwan at the end of July. The share of ‘R2’ IP exceeded 21%, diluting ‘Mu’ IP (66%) dependence.

Wezen plans to focus on the development of its own new works next year, and to expand the publishing collaboration with partners and develop the project in the second half and 2023.

First, we will expand its overseas business with the Awaken Legends (IDLE RPG). Awaken Legend is a game that Wezen has business rights in Korea, America, Europe, and East Asia. The Awakening Legend is also the first release of the game that was signed by the Sourcing Department ‘Unicorn TF’.


Among the new games developed by developing subsidiaries, the projects that are currently available externally include Wezen Blue Lock’s ‘Project M’ and Webzennova’s ‘Project W’. Project M is a mobile MMORPG, which is being developed with Unreal Engine 5. It is developed smoothly with the goal of implementing high-quality gameability by adding new attempts to the identity of Mu IP.

Project W is an animation-style mobile collection RPG that combines 2D and 3D aimed at the Japanese market. The company explained that it is highly expected to be a new hit IP by checking the high-quality gameability in the internal development inspection process. In addition, Wezen Red Core is also preparing a new work in Unreal Engine.

Kim Jae-young, CEO of Wezen, said, It is somewhat stagnant throughout the game industry, but the company plans to consistently develop its own game for future growth as well as publishing and startup investment. We will establish a stable management and business plan.