The SKINS launch cycle is an unalterable reality in League of Legends and the calendar dictates that, provided an update is approaching, the cosmetics that will be available in the following must be presented. Riot Games has returned to fulfill the tradition carrying out the revelation of the aspects that will arrive at the video game when the next Patch 12.22 Lance on November 16, 2022, according to the official calendar of versions. Good news for fans, since one of the families of aspects most anticipated by the community returns. We refer to Space Wave , which includes novelties for seven different champions.


Thus are the new spatial wave skins of patch 12.22

Wave was originally launched in April 2021 and now incorporates seven new champions into the list of aspects: Teems, Oran, Tarim, Twisted Fate, Ragas and Name. The selection is quite particular, since it includes cosmetics for some champions that had been waiting for a new appearance for a long time. Unfortunately, Riot Games has not yet published the illustrations (Splash Art) of the new characters , although a video in which we can see them in the invoked’s crack. Of course, before we are going to review the new Skin for each of the League of Legends champions.

Teems : The days of Gloria de Teemo are back. He receives his skin number 14 after just ten months of waiting since he had his artificial version.
ORAN : Third aspect for the champion in the five years that have passed since its launch. It was time, because it came from a wait for more than two years.
Tarim : Another that had been waiting for too long. Specifically, 957 days have passed for one of the champions that has received fewer skins in history.
Cassandra : The year started with a spectacular appearance in porcelain cosmetics and, ten months later, receives what will be his seventh skin.
Twisted Fate : 430 days ago we had no news about new aspects, but finally receives its number fifteen number.
Ragas : Aspect number twelve after a little less than two years of waiting.
Name : Riot is giving him a little more affection lately, and it shows. It will be his tenth Skin, thirteen months after his haunted appearance.

Throughout the next two weeks, the new aspects will be available in the BE for all League of Legends players who have an account on that server. During this time, Riot Games will modify the most discussed aspects in the community and fixing any possible design failure.