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FC Bayern We dont have that!

Oliver Khan has actually pressed a stop to Benjamin Award’s publicly expressed change aspirations. We do not have that!, The CEO of FC Bayern Munich informed Sky. He likewise talked about Manuel Neuer’s legal situation.


Benji is reliant on moods, said Khan, but understood what he had at FC Bayern. And we likewise know what we have in him, he revealed his gratitude towards the Frenchman. At FCB, you can categorize and manage the feelings of the players, who fluctuate, discussed his point of view.

With us, no one can start his departure with statements, stated Oliver Khan with regard to Benjamin Award’s change of change. Khan seems to be especially distressed that the Frenchman had actually gone to the media: Especially not in public. We don’t have that!

I won whatever with Bayern Munich. I play to win, and I am ready to consider brand-new fascinating projects, however as a central defender, Benjamin Award recently stated to the Gazette Hello Sport. Since then, he has been associated with numerous leading clubs such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Manchester United.

Oliver Khan’s intent to extend with Manuel Neuer

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Manuel Neuer would like to see Khan in the goal of Bayern Munich for several years. With Manuel we would definitely not have to believe long, stated the CEO of a possible contract extension with the 36-year-old: However that’s not a problem and not vacant.

Khan likewise took a position on Harry Kane personnel. You can check out that here.

Never is bound to FC Bayern till 2024. In this context, Khan underpins the clear guideline of the club to conclude only one-year contracts with players over 30. Nonetheless, it is not a concern of age: Manuel continues to bring world-class performance, and as long as it is so that he can still do up to 40 or with over 40-what do we should not extend his contract once again and once again?

Oliver Khan has pushed a stop to Benjamin Award’s publicly expressed modification ambitions. With us, no one can start his departure with statements, said Oliver Khan with regard to Benjamin Award’s modification of change. Khan appears to be especially disturbed that the Frenchman had actually gone to the media: Specifically not in public. Benji is dependent on moods, stated Khan, however understood what he had at FC Bayern. In this context, Khan underpins the clear policy of the club to conclude just one-year contracts with players over 30.

Best Pokemon Fairy in Scarlet and Purple Pokemon

Fairy is still one of the strongest types of Pokemon in scarlet and purple Pokémon, thanks in large part to the fairy type Pokemon that players can catch. From pillars established as Jiggly puff to more recent incorporation such as the Ticketing evolutionary line, many of the games of the Games for Fairies are above the rest. However, some are definitely better than others, which is why we are here for which are the best fairy Pokémon in scarlet and purple Pokémon.

What are the best fairy-type Pokémon in Scarlet and Purple Pokémon

As is the case in most Pokémon titles, Pokémon Scarlet and Purple have some fairy type Pokemon that stand out as essential compared to their competition. The reasons for this vary from the movements that learn to their general statistics distributions, but the final result remains the same.

To that end, we have listed below each of the best types of fairies, along with what distinguishes them, what naturalness they adapt better to them and where they can catch. Keep in mind, however, that this guide does not mean that the types of fairies that do not appear on the list cannot be viable through specific training or the use of special tricks. It only analyzes what types of fairies someone would better serve, even during a standard game with a minimum knowledge of the series and its goals.


screen capture through Game Freak and The Pokémon Company

Host of the rare dual type of fairy and steel, Kingston is only weak for fire and earth movements. Any other type of attack will inflict neutral damage at best, which means that it is perfect to accumulate damage to the team of an opponent in almost all situations.

Beyond that, its characteristic movement Gigaton Hammer is excellent to inflict great damage to opponents. With a base damage value of 160, you can do a quick job of the objectives in a single blow, even when you take into account the lowest base attack statistics of Kingston. It also learns other great physical attack movements such as Play Rough and Skitter Smack and movements such as Brick Break can be taught through the use of TM.

With all this in mind, the best natures for a Kingston would be those that raise their statistics of attack, defense or special defense in exchange for special attack or speed. Naturals that fit this description include Adamant, Brave, Naughty, Relaxed, Careful and Sassy.

As for where you can find a Kingston in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, it will take some work, since you can’t really catch a Kingston. Instead, you will have two other options: one is to catch a tinkatuff and level it up until it evolves to Tinkatuff to the 24 and Kingston at 38. The other is to catch a tinkatuff and then upload them level until they evolve to level 38. You can catch Tinkatuff more reliably near the southern ruins of the roast desert, while Tinkatuff can catch on the southern or west sides of the glaze mountain.



screen capture through Game Freak and The Pokémon Company

A special giant, this final Rats evolution has a fairly high special defense and learns some of the best fairy movements of the game special attack in the game, such as Draining Kiss, Dazzling Gleam and Moon blast. This adds to the psychic type movements that learn due to its psychic and fairy type, which serve to reinforce their offensive abilities with movements such as psychic, devouring dreams and vision of the future.

The best natures for Gardener are those that enhance their special attack or special defense without affecting their speed, which guarantees that it can quickly perform blunt attacks and fall blows if they do not eliminate opponents immediately. This means that the natures that enhance the special attack, such as Modest or Mild, are the best attractions, followed by the natures that enhance the special defense, such as Calm or Gentle.

Gardener can catch in Mountain glazed, although it has a very low generation rate compared to other Pokémon. You can also catch a Cilia near the headlights at the most west and east points of the map and level up to level 30, or catch a rails in area one of the southern province and then raise it level to levels 20 and 30 to evolve to Cilia. And Gardener respectively.

Dash bun

screen capture through Game Freak and The Pokémon Company

A solid new addition to the catalog of fairy types, Dachshund plays the unique role of being a decently rapid wall. His defense makes him viable to tangle movements focused on the attack reliably, and learn a variety of movements that can keep their opponents guessing, prepare other team members for success or increase their own statistics so that it can continue to cause pain head of his enemies.

It also has great type coverage in terms of its set of learned movements. He obtains the characteristic physical attack of Fairy Play Rough from the beginning and learns movements such as Crunch and Last Resort once it reaches higher levels. This gives an acceptable amount of offensive capabilities and makes it a great solution to face a wide variety of opponents.

To that end, try to locate one with a nature that complements any role that Dachshund would use to perform. For example, one with an inflexible or naughty nature would be good for an offensive role, while one with a mischievous or lax nature would be good for defensive or stagnation roles.

As for finding one, it could not be easier. They can be found in abundance near or around the Team Star Fairy base, as well as in most areas with grass-covered terrain. You can also catch a Fido ugh and train it to level 26 to evolve.


screen capture through Game Freak and The Pokémon Company

Mimic is a highly effective special Pokemon, and that is not just because of its dual fairy and ghost. Host of the Decoy ability, will survive the first attack with which it is beaten regardless of what and can endure a decent amount of punishment thanks to its special defense. Then you can damage or keep an enemy Pokémon occupied with movements such as Double Team, Baby Doll Eyes or Charm, any of which has a high probability of hitting first thanks to the highest speed statistics of Mimic.

This makes a nature increase its special defense or optimal speed, since one with an attack that increases nature will not do much good. If you find one with a careful or cheerful nature, then you may be sure that you have found one of the best possible variants of the spectral spirit.

To track one, all you need to do is address the southeast edge of the Glassed Mountain north of the map or to the ruins west of Leticia. They will have a more likely to appear at night, but otherwise it should not be too difficult to track.


screen capture through Game Freak and The Pokémon Company

As was the case in previous titles, Sylvan is still one of the best types of fairies you can have in your hands. Both his special attack and his special defense are exceptional, which makes it ideal for accumulating special type movements while performing his own movements enhanced by Stab. It also has a hundred matrix to choose from; While Moon blast is an easy-to-use offensive movement, it also has movements such as Skill Swap, Light Screen and Misty Terrain, which can lead to some tortuous strategies.

This makes special enhancing natures essential. As such, he will want to make sure one with a modest, soft or quiet nature to offend; or a quiet, peaceful or daring nature for defense. Whenever they have one of these, their Sylvan will be ready to perform their function in their team with maximum efficiency.

The only real challenge comes in the capture of 1. While occasionally you can find one outside the Team Star Fairy base, this is not the most common occurrence. As such, it could be easier to catch an levee out of Medal and then maximize their friendship while knowing a fairy type movement. This will cause Sylvan to evolve when leveling up.


screen capture through Game Freak and The Pokémon Company

Although Autofill may not be the heaviest among the best types of fairy in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, it is easily one of the most reliable tanks you could have to stop. He has an exceptional HP statistics that helps him to fall almost any type of attack, even when writing weaknesses are taken into account. This is reinforced by its modest statistics of defense and special defense, as well as its rare dual fairy and water type.

As such, its defensive and preparations movements such as Aqua Ring are perfect complements for their base statistics. Similarly, you can learn a wide variety of other movements through TM, which can further increase your usefulness as a member of your support focused.

In terms of the best natures for this, their best bets are a bold, quiet, naughty or careful nature. Any of these will be increased its special defense or defense at the expense of its offensive abilities and will optimize its usefulness to keep your opponent’s Pokémon at bay.

To catch one, you can go to any area northwest of Pale and look near the bodies of water there. Otherwise, you can catch a sea and up level to level 18. Catch an April and turn it into a mar ill maximizing its friendship, and then climbing to Mar ill to level 18 is also an option, although this process can carry Time.-Consumer.


screen capture through Game Freak and The Pokémon Company

Among the best Pokémon of the Game type, Flores is the special defense wall, although this has a cost. In exchange for presuming some exceptionally high defensive abilities against special attacks, this evolution of the third stage does not learn any new movement because it is an evolution activated by evolutionary st1. This means that you will need your Colette to learn as many movements as possible before exposing it to a brilliant stone to maximize the usefulness of this Pokémon.

Fortunately, you can learn a lot of different movements through the use of MT. Some best include harden, Light Screen and Substitute, which are perfect for completely using the special wall role of this Pokémon on your team.

When it comes to a good nature for this Pokémon, you cannot be wrong with any that increases your special defense statistics. These include quiet, gentle, careful, extravagant and daring natures.

The most complicated part will be to track 1. While you can catch Flores near the lighthouse that is at the fastest point of the map, they have a very low generation rate. The only other alternative is to search and catch Colette or Flabby in green areas with flower patches, but even then, you must rise from level to Flabby to level 19 to evolve at Colette and then look for a brilliant stone to evolve at Fleet. In a Flores.

Grit tail

screen capture through Game Freak and The Pokémon Company

The primary version of Jiggly puff, Scream Tail, has a fairly strange mixture of speed, defense and special defense. This makes it a strange but useful combination for most teams, since it can endure most attacks effectively and at the same time weaken opponents or give you time to cure or prepare other Pokémon. As such, you cannot be wrong when loading it with offensive movements such as Play Rough and Psychic Fangs or defensive movements such as Disable, Sing…

The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me – Alle Kamera

In this guide to The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me, you can find out:

  • Where you can find all camera codes in workshop
  • How you use the murderer’s surveillance cameras

The Devil in Me is a game from the Dark-Pictures series. As usual, it is your job to save the group of characters from safe death by collecting clues and making decisions. Mark is the group’s photographer and has to fight through a creepy basement in the Workshop scene.

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Where can I find the surveillance system?

After Mark was separated from the group, he finds himself in the murderer’s workshop. Here the crazy duet screws on his creepy dolls, for which he uses the remains of his victims. Work slowly through the basement and pay attention to sudden mini-games where you have to hide quickly.

Your path will eventually lead you into a brightly lit room, in the middle of which there is a large table. Here you have to hide from Duet by crawling under the table. Masters the following quick time event (ATE) so as not to be discovered.

If you have managed to stay still, Duet will leave the room after a short time. Follow the murderer until you get into a room where a screen hangs on the wall. There is a Keypad next to the screen that requires a four-digit number code. There are a total of three codes that are hidden in the workshop.

camera code 1: Kate

You can find the first code in the room with the large table. Opposite the table is a female mannequin, which is clearly modeled on Kate. Take a closer look at the doll and look for the first code in the nostril.

The first code is: 7293

camera code 2: The bar

You can find the second code in the same room with the large table in the middle. This time looking for a male mannequin that stands with his back to the table and stares at the wall. The code sought is on the neck of the doll.


The second code is: 0028

camera code 3: human remains

The third and last code will continue to find a room if you run towards the surveillance system. Search on the floor for a broken doll that is characterized by human teeth and a real ear. You can find the code in the arm of the doll.

The third code is: 6883

If you have all the codes together, go back to the Keypad next to the screen. You have to enter each code individually and can look forward to a new cutscene every time.

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God of War Ragnarök: Where to find all the shields to obtain the Falange Trophy


The shield is one of the most beloved additions in God of War (2018), especially in case meaning in the history of the game, and God of War Ragnarök raises its level of importance by implementing several types with unique skills for different struggle styles.

There is a trophy called Flange that consists of getting them all. Most get them forward in history, but there is a couple that you can overlook. Then tell you where to find them all.

God of War Ragnarök shields

God of War Ragnarök has a total of 5 shields and each has an improvement hole for a Road. It is very easy to get all shields because most are obtained passively while advancing in history. There are only two that you can ignore, although only one could be lost. And they are:

Locating this shield is a bit straight because of the amount of roads that the area has, so I have prepared a video to see it lighter. You must go through this site at a time in history. If you ignore it, this is the fastest way to arrive.

And it would be! Remember that it is not enough to have the shields available in the forge of Book and Sindhi, you must manufacture them and have them in the inventory. Use and improve the one that best suits your game mode. My favorite is the shield of the stone wall, and yours?

BVB | Terzic protects the painted painting

For around 30 million euros, Borussia Dortmund had secured the services to Donnell painting in summer of 2021.

However, the 23-year-old is still awaiting his breakthrough with the yellow and black. In the present season, the Orange expert might just meet in the DFB Cup video game against third department 1860 Munich (3-0).

Malen is one of the issue children at Borussia Dortmund. Although the Dutch has actually not yet started at BVB in his time, head coach Edwin Eric continues to believe in the assailant.


BVB coach Eric: We understand that he will satisfy eventually

Painting is still backed by his fitness instructor. We understand that he will satisfy eventually. This is just a matter of time. If he then has confidence again, it will be much easier for Donny to reveal his qualities, said Eric.

Donny knows what I anticipate from him, BVB head coach Edwin Eric made it clear to Build: He has extraordinary skills, however is very unhappy if he doesn’t strike. That has been extremely irritated in the previous couple of months.

I can do a lot better. I have to stay favorable and continue to work hard, Male said about his weak kind.

BVB s director Keel depends on painting

We know that he will fulfill at some point. This is only a matter of time. If he then has confidence once again, it will be easier for Donny to show his qualities, said Eric.

In November, the offending gamer was counted by Dortmund’s s director Sebastian Keel. His objective yield is not satisfying, which is obvious, the BVB supervisor told the Ruhr Nachrichten at the time.

With his performance, he is not yet where he desires to be, and we see him with his abilities, but our company believe in him, stated Keel: There is just one method to alter: effort. If he will likewise assist us, stated the 42-year-old about Male, who is under contract in Dortmund by 2026.

Portland Path Blazers vs. New York City Knicks Prediction Injury Report, Beginning 5s, Betting Odds & Spreads

Portland Path Blazers vs. New York City Knicks Match Details

The Portland Path Blazers take on the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Friday, November 25th, in NBA Regular Season action. The Knicks have been strong just recently, winning 3 of their last 5 as they climb up to 7th location in the Eastern Conference standings.

The Knicks have actually been strong this campaign. They have actually gone 9-9 and enter into this video game on the back of a 129-119 win over the OK Thunder. Their most significant concern this season has been their boundary defense. They perhaps have the worst perimeter protective numbers in the NBA, as they permit almost 40 3-point attempts per game and concede almost 15 of them.

With Damian Lillard’s recent lack, the Portland offense has taken a nosedive. This season, they have a bottom 5 offense, scoring just 109 points per video game, which is ranked 25th in the NBA. They also try the 4th least field objective efforts in the whole NBA, making only 38.7 field objectives per game. Albeit they have been really strong on the glass this season, finishing the fifth-most rebounds per game in the whole league.

Portland superstar Internee Simon’s has actually been unplayable this term. He is currently averaging almost 23 points per night, in addition to 4 helps on 56% true shooting. During this on-and-off injury layoff to Damian Lillard, Simon’s stepped up his game and brought Portland to outcomes all by himself.

Fixture: Portland Path Blazers @ New York City Knicks

Portland Path Blazers vs. New York Knicks Injury Report.

. Place: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York.

Dame Lillard and Gary Payton are the 2 noteworthy absentees in this 1. The Blazers have carried out very well hence far in their lack, but with fixtures rolling, it will get tougher on the lineup.

Portland Trail Blazers vs. New York City Knicks Betting Chances & Spreads.

Date & Time: Friday, November 25, 7:30 p.m. EST

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New York City Knicks: PG Galen Brunson, SG Q. Grimes, SF RJ Barrett, PF Julius Randle, C M. Robinson (GTD).

Portland Path Blazers vs. New York Knicks Starting 5s.


Portland Path Blazers: PG A. Simon’s, SG J. Winslow, SF Josh Hart, PF Jeremy Grant, C Yusuf Turkic.

Knicks: -2.5 (-108).

Trail Blazers vs. Knicks Betting Forecast.

Both teams are really uniformly matched. The Blazers are entering this game with a horrible run of results, which is why the Knicks are a little preferred in this 1. The Knicks have a more settled side and ought to feel great in beating a sub-strength Portland team in your home.

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The Portland Path Blazers take on the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Friday, November 25th, in NBA Routine Season action. The Knicks have actually been solid recently, winning 3 of their last 5 as they climb up to 7th location in the Eastern Conference standings. The Knicks have been strong this project. The Blazers are coming into this video game with a horrible run of results, which is why the Knicks are slightly preferred in this 1. The Knicks have a more settled side and ought to feel positive in beating a sub-strength Portland group at house.

FC Bayern Risker plan with Lucas Hernández revealed

As FC Bayern announced on Thursday, the still most pricey purchase in the Bundesliga history has actually now been successfully run on by Knee Pope Teacher Christian Fink in Innsbruck.

The scary medical diagnosis of the cruciate ligament rupture followed later. The World Cup and probably also the rest of the 2022/2023 season have run for Hernández

Quickly after his cruciate ligament tear at the World Cup, France’s Pechvogel lucas hernández can obviously wish for a brand-new agreement with Bavaria.

Up until now it was the shock scene at the World Cup in Qatar from FC Bayern’s perspective. In the game of his French versus Australia, Lucas Hernández twisted his knee unhappily in the early stages. The 26-year-old protector needed to be replaced.

His rehabilitation will be tape-recorded in Munich in the coming days, it stated by the German record champion.

that is planned by FC Bayern with Lucas Hernández

In any case, the Munich group would go to risk with a brand-new contract for the 2018 world champ. Hernández ‘injury history is long.

The Bundesliga sector leader obviously wishes to have more actions follow these words. As BUILD reports, Hernández waves an extension of his agreement on the ISAF, which expires in 2024.

FC Bayern: Long injury history at Lucas Hernández.

Even prior to the World Cup, the club leadership in the conversations with the player side was reasonably broad, it is said. Hernández ‘horror diagnosis and its months of absence would have altered absolutely nothing in the objectives of FC Bayern. For how long the new working paper ought to run is unclear.

Even after that, the 33-time French global kept battling with bigger and smaller injuries.


Currently, during his 2019 modification from Atlético Madrid to FC Bayern, he was hurt, likewise on the knee. The result was months of start-up troubles with the new employer.

FC Bayern is not planning a new obligation regardless of the Hernández failure. One represents 100 percent to the professional and will offer him all support so that he will be healthy as soon as possible, said s director Hasan Salihamidzic to BUILD.

Far it was the shock scene at the World Cup in Qatar from FC Bayern’s perspective. In the game of his French versus Australia, Lucas Hernández twisted his knee unhappily in the early stages. Even prior to the World Cup, the club leadership in the conversations with the gamer side was relatively wide, it is said. Hernández ‘scary medical diagnosis and its months of absence would have changed nothing in the objectives of FC Bayern.

Special Michael Jordans former teammate opens on how Kyrie Irving might have saved his face in anti

While it became clear that Irving had no anti-Semitic beliefs, the Brooklyn Nets point player could have likewise directed the spotlight to another important issue.

Before Kyrie Irving played his first game back from suspension on November 20 against the Memphis Grizzlies, he once again truly said sorry. Irving confessed that his actions injure a lot of individuals, including his buddies and family.

Talking To Reggie Roberts on ‘s unique Ball Father podcast, Sam Vincent stated:

Kyrie Irving might be on a short leash with how he behaves as part of the Brooklyn Internet company.

Kyrie Irving missed out on eight straight video games before his reinstatement with the Brooklyn Nets. The franchise required that Irving complete and fulfill 6 unbiased remedial procedures for the Nets to lift the indefinite suspension without pay.

(Starts at the 5:15 mark).

The seven-time All-Star has remained in problem in the past, especially with his off-court baggage. If he’s associated with another fiasco, the Brooklyn Internet will be stuck in between a rock and a hard place. They may need to suspend Irving yet once again or just launch him, depending upon the severity of the scenario.

As skilled as Kyrie Irving has actually been as a gamer, he has actually also been unable to shake off one debate after another. It stays to be seen how he can stay out of difficulty, assist the Brooklyn Nets title aspirations and rebuild the trust he has actually lost.

Kyrie Irving has been behaving extremely well since his reinstatement. He has actually taken a much humbler tone and has a significantly less combative attitude than what he revealed prior to he was suspended.

With all the attention focused on the unquestionable elimination of anti-Semitic and anti-hate objectives, one crucial part of the entire brouhaha was left unblemished. The Black individuals, who were vital parts of the book and the movie, took a backseat.


As Michael Jordan’s previous teammate said, Kyrie Irving might have directed the spotlight on the widespread issues black communities throughout the country have actually been facing. Had Irving done that, he would have turned the unfavorable vibe into one that many people would willingly throw their support at.

Things are looking good right now as Irving, the NBA and the Internet are moving forward to inform people and begin the recovery procedure. At the back of everybody’s mind, however, is the thought that the mercurial point guard could drift off course again.

Anything comparable to what just recently happened could signal completion of his career.

Four Square Enix Montreal games for mobiles will be eliminated

When talking about video games and mobiles it is very fleeting, since many titles are normally off shortly after having published, this has happened with releases such as the Battle Royale of Final Fantasy VII. Just this will be affecting Square Enix Montreal, as four of his phone releases will be eliminated soon.

Through a new statement, the editor declared that these video games with which they will disappear from the mobile stores:

-Arena Battle Champions

-Zeus ex go

-Hitman Sniper: The Shadows

-Space Invaders: Hidden Heroes

The date to discharge them is on December 1 in terms of downloads. Since they will continue to serve those who already have them on their devices, but they can run them only until January 4. So those who want to build high scores must play all these days before losing total access to the four.

Deus Ex Go

With immediate effect, purchases stop in the game. We recommend that previous purchases in the game are used before January 4, since they will not be reimbursed.

On behalf of the development team, we would like to thank you for playing our games

It is worth mentioning that this may be due to the fact that the study in question was dissolved by embarrass Group, so they would have different tasks that move away from supporting these video games.

Via: NGC

Editor’s note: It is a bit sad to read this, since games like Deus Ex Go had not much time to have launched. Now it’s time to wait to see what employees who started from this company will do.

Borderlands 3 Can

When they play, an essential issue with Borderlands 3’s The shared screen mode is the truth that the gamers are faced with the problem of text. The standard horizontal format does not cut it over the consoles. Because they can not have regional cooperation and must rather count on the online cooperative game, pc players do not encounter this issue. Can console gamers alter their format?

Can a screen divided into Borderlands 3 be vertical?

All the best, Vault Hunters. We hope that your very first days will not be ruined by this regrettable problem.

For the minute, gamers will have to wait for something to happen on the side of Gearbox Software. If players wish to express their dismay for the format, they can call Transmission Software application on their main site.


Hopefully Transmission Software to fix and send a repair to format this structure. Numerous players find it aggravating, and it spoils their experience on the very first day of launch. Provided the general discouragement due to the circumstance, it would seem odd for Gearbox not to react in a suitable way and diverted a action plan to incorporate to the game in a post-launch spot.

When writing this document, Gearbox Software application has no vertical format for their play on shared screen. Gamers are required to sustain the procedure of playing in the horizontal, which numerous gamers do not wish to utilize due to the text format. This prevents a lot from gamers from enjoying their time in the video game, needing to fold their eyes to comprehend or read the text what they are doing.

A crucial issue with Borderlands 3’s The shared screen mode is the reality that the gamers are faced with the problem of text when they play. PC gamers do not experience this problem since they can not have regional cooperation and ought to rather count on the online cooperative game. Players are required to endure the process of playing in the horizontal, which lots of players do not desire to use due to the text format.

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