Tired of being in front of a widow maker that misses no shot, or a player who sees him and keeps her target in you through the walls? Cheating and using third party programs has always been a problem since the first Overwatch and Blizzard was slow to respond. However, a glimpse of hope seems to arise for Overwatch 2. The developer is finally taking the problem seriously , starting with the Korean server, in which a large wave of banishment has just occurred.


Cleaning Started

This is the first time in Overwatch 2 that such a large mass of players was banned by using third party programs to cheat. On the Korean server were 3,446 accounts that had their access to the game removed .

This would be just the first of a long program started by Blizzard, which would finally like to sustainably fight against the cheats , is what suggests an official message in the Game Forums in Korea:

Blizzard, therefore, seems to be taking the cheating subject seriously and taking real steps to make the game as fair as possible.

A sustainable and effective effort?

With the arrival of Overwatch 2 Blizzard has launched an internal program with an entire team dedicated to the task, called the Defense Matrix_ (reference to D.VA’s homonymous ability), which consists of making the game experience more fair and pleasant to All , dealing with private cheats.

Measures taken in this program include:

  • SMS check that makes it difficult to create new accounts by banished players
  • Detection of toxic behaviors through machine learning and audio transcripts
  • The need to win 50 fast game matches before you can go to competitive matches, which really doesn’t make you want to be banned because it’s too long

So, unlike Riot Games, which in Valorant has an anti-cheat installed directly on the PC, and which seems to have proven controversial effectiveness by data security problems that may be Blizzard found its solution? And will it be effective enough? Anyway, progress is apparent and announces only positive things for the future.